Best Baking Trays

Written in 2024
by Adam

    Every once in a while you want to decorate pastry or whip up a batch of biscuits in which case a cooking sheet or baking tray will be very convenient.

    Besides, the flat surface is perfect for spreading out the mixture for your bakes. The beauty of making use of the best baking tray is that you do not need a lot of storage space when not in use. This piece of equipment is well worth investing in. 

    Oven trays often take a knock due to charred remains or oil residue that accumulate over time. In our opinion, it's best to make use of a baking sheet or baking tray that you keep aside for occasions where you choose to bake delicacies. This way, you can be assured of a perfect result. 


    How to Choose the Best Baking Trays 2020/2021

    It sure is tempting to opt for a cheaper baking tray. The question is - will your favourite treats be affected in that you may end up with burned offerings or the tray you bought needs to be replaced every three months? Some say it is better to have a baking tray that will last for years and save you money in the long run. We say it depends on your baking needs.

    You might be a frequent baker as you love baking and cannot wait to turn out your next masterpiece. Indeed, it would be great if you could lay your hands on a tray that carries at least a 

    10-year guarantee. Doing so will assure you that you can rely on it time and time again. 

    People who bake less often, a budget option might be all they need as long as the baking tray offers good quality. 

    When you use a top-quality nonstick baking tray, then you don't have to fret with pesky remnants in your pan. What's more, there will be no need to apply liners, oil, or butter. 

    We invite you to follow along as we show you some of the best baking trays 2020/2021 available right now. 


    Best Baking Trays at a Glance

    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Bakeware Cookie Tray, 38 cm, Black - £29.17

    Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Large Cookie Baking Sheet - £13.30

    TeamFar Baking Tray, Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Cookie Tray Professional - £16.99

    MasterClass Baking Tray with PFOA Free Non-Stick - £10.99

    Circulon - Momentum - Square Baking Tray - Non Stick - £13.99

    Nutrichef 2-Pc. Nonstick Cookie Sheet Pan-Professional Quality Kitchen Cooking Non-Stick Bake Tray - £15.68

    Prestige Inspire - Non-Stick Baking Sheet - £10.50


    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Bakeware Cookie Tray, 38 cm, Black

    Le Creuset Non-Stick Carbon Steel Bakeware Cookie Tray, 38 cm, Black, 94102115130000
    • Le Creuset Non-stick Bakeware Cookie Tray, Thin, flat ; insulated design for evenly spread heat, Lifetime Guarantee
    • Versatile: Oven safe to 240°C/Gas Mark 9, Ideal for baking cookies, biscuits; more, Heats evenly without warping
    • Strong heavy-gauge carbon steel, Anti-warp, metal, Utensil safe with care

    Just about everyone we spoke to love the orange colours of the heat-resistant inserts. Among the reasons for this is that it helps the sheet stand out and makes one feel safer. 

    What makes this baking tray super cool and smooth is the fact that it features a stable and shiny black carbon-steel sheet that boasts an extra-tough nonstick surface. The cookies you make will slide out gracefully once done. 

    The Le Creuset can stand its man against temperatures of up to 240C and features a roomy surface measuring 38cm. 

    One thing is for sure; your cookies will brown in no time when you use this baking tray as it has a double-walled sheet. All in all, it takes only 10 minutes to bake your favourite treats. 


    • Robust heavy-gauge carbon steel materials are used. 
    • Nonstick coating ensures an easy and quick food release
    • Perfect for baking biscuits, cookies, and other treats\
    • Heats evenly without any warping worries


    • Due to popular demand, you may struggle to get yourself one


    Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Large Cookie Baking Sheet

    Chicago Metallic CMET16614 Professional Non-Stick Large Cookie Baking Sheet, 40 x 35 cm (15" x 14"), Metal, Grey
    • This heavy-duty baking sheet comes from Chicago Metallic, trusted bakeware experts in the States for more than 100 years
    • Specialist design, with raised carrying edges and flat sides to allow goods to slide easily onto the cooling rack
    • Extra-large 40 x 35 cm (15" x 14") size, so it's perfect for big batches of cookies, meringues and other individual treats

    This superior Chicago Metallic oven sheet has a reputation for making extraordinarily munch-able cookies. It has a heavy-duty nonstick coating, plus raised carry sides, specially designed for ease of use and flattened sides that enable biscuits to slip straight onto a cooling rack.

    The Chicago Metallic Professional line is crafted for simplicity of use and, for much more than a century, has been a staple of American households. This robust, nonstick collection makes it easy for your recipes to produce excellent results and makes clean-up easy. For its consistency, professional-grade craftsmanship and durable construction, generations of bakers have relied on the Chicago Metallic brand.

    Use this sizeable nonstick baking tray to make pro-standard batches of cookies, Who knows; it may just satisfy your sweet tooth. Not to mention you get to treat yourself to a lovely cuppa of coffee. Slide them onto a cooling rack from off edgeless edges and prepare to slide your next batch into the oven.


    • No buckling or warping

    • Great for chips, pizzas, and more 

    • Ergonomic design  

    • Phenomenal output with non-stick surface


    • Sharp around the edges, which may present a problem when you lift it up


    Sat - TeamFar Baking Tray, Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Cookie Tray Professional

    Stainless Steel Baking Tray Set of 2, Baking Sheet Cookie Tray Professional, 40x 30x 2.5 cm, Non Toxic & Healthy, Mirror Finish & Rust Free, Easy...
    • √ HEALTHY MATERIAL - Our healthy baking tray is made of high quality 18/0 stainless steel without toxic chemical coating; Rust resistant and durable for your daily baking use
    • √ EXQUISITE CRAFT - These baking sheet is processed with superb mirror finish so its surface can decrease the risk of sticking; Smooth roll edge without rough spots make it comfortable to hold and...
    • √ EASY CLEAN - Deep full sides all around keep food contained and prevent juice from flowing everywhere when roasting to keep your oven neat; Each metal baking tray is compatible with dishwasher and...

    Do you wish for nothing more than a smooth baking experience made possible by a sturdy and healthy baking tray? Maybe you're tired of dealing with inferior quality equipment that rusts within the first month of use?

    If that is the case, then you are in for a treat with the TeamFar Stainless Steel Baking Tray as it offers a great cooking and baking experience. What's more is the cookie tray boasts a high-quality stainless steel base, meaning there are no worries around harsh chemicals, making their way into your food. 

    It is clear from the get-go that TeamFar produces high-grade products. If you are on the lookout for a baking tray that is harmless to you and your family, then TeamFar is for you as it will last for years to come. 

    There are no artificial treatments and coatings and this best baking tray 2020/2021 is corrosion and rust-resistant. The solid construction makes this metal cookie tray deliver outstanding performance every time.

    Proper gauge weight and thickness hold a lot of food comfortably without any warping issues.  Thanks to technological advancements, the baking tray features a smooth edge that has no rough spot anywhere. The roll edge effect prevents juices from running all over the tray so the oven can stay clean


    • Baking tray is large
    • Can be used as a container, cooking tray, sandwich tray, or serving tray
    • High-performance capabilities
    • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean


    • Certain food groups such as potatoes do not brown as nice as they would when using a non-stick baking tray


    MasterClass Baking Tray with PFOA Free Non Stick

    MasterClass Baking Tray, Non-Stick Oven Tray for Baking and Roasting 35x25x2cm, Sleeved
    • What You'll Get - MasterClass baking tray, with non-stick layer for baking and roasting your favourite dishes
    • A Sturdy Oven Essential - this 1 mm-thick carbon steel baking tray resists warping and rust, and is oven/grill safe to 220°C (428°F)
    • Versatile - it has hundreds of uses, from roasting Mediterranean vegetables, to baking sticky flapjacks, to grilling chicken fillets

    If you're preparing a regular meal for the family, or baking sweet treats like Swiss rolls, cookies and biscuits, this Master Class Non-Stick Baking Tray helps you cook with confidence. Its heavy-duty construction and state-of-the-art nonstick coating render daily baking light work.

    This cookie tray is constructed of 1 mm-thick carbon steel of commercial-grade that prevents warping. And it's corrosion-resistant with its tightly rolled edges and electro-plated finish.

    The whole set is built to provide premium value, and for years to come, if properly cared for it will continue to do so.

    The state of the art Quantum II nonstick coating releases food rapidly, effortlessly and without destroying it. Quantum II is protected by a sandblasting process and is strengthened for additional toughness using ceramic materials.

    For its nonstick properties, Quantum II uses food-safe silicone and is crafted to surpass all traditional nonstick.


    • PFOA-free, PTFE, 100 percent BPA
    • Dishwasher, freezer, and fridge safe
    • Oven safe up to 220C
    • Robust enough to handle daily baking 


    • Non-stick coating is on the thin side, raising concerns as to how long this baking tray will last


    Circulon - Momentum - Square Baking Tray - Non Stick

    Circulon Momentum Large Oven Tray Non Stick - Durable Baking Tray, Grey Carbon Steel, Dishwasher Safe Bakeware, 37 x 34cm
    • DURABLE BAKEWARE - our square baking tray will last for years. It has been designed to bring you perfect, even baking performance.
    • TOTAL NON STICK SYSTEM - Our large square baking tray comes with our non stick system for exceptional food release and effortless cleaning.
    • OVEN AND DISHWASHER SAFE - This square oven tray is oven safe up to 230°C and dishwasher safe for complete convenience.

    Non-stick is pushed to the next level by Circulon. Its triple-layered surface, this baking sheet provides a lifetime guarantee, which proves Circulon's confidence, as the sheet is also dishwasher-safe. But after you've used this baking tray, all you need is to wipe with a damp cloth for it to look like new once more.

    On inspection, the nonstick surface worked so well that when moving the sheet in and out of the oven, it was difficult to avoid the cookies dropping off. This is a little disorienting, but we preferred this to dealing with the sticking and burning of the baked items.

    You can be assured for uniformly coloured treats that are crisp on the outside and delightfully chewy in the centre when making use of the Circulon baking sheet as it distributes the heat evenly. 

    We especially favour the rounded grooves that help avoid any scratching. However, we need to bear in mind that metal tools and nonstick sheets do not combine too well.

    The fact that this best baking tray 2020/2021 is lighter than any of the other sheets takes nothing away from the output of this sheet. For what you pay, it's an outstanding baking sheet.


    • Delivers the perfect baking experience time after time
    • Fully nonstick system
    • Users can look forward to an even baking performance
    • Dishwasher and oven safe, handles temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius


    • The items you bake tend to slide around


    Nutrichef 2-Pc. Nonstick Cookie Sheet Pan-Professional Quality Kitchen Cooking Non-Stick Bake Tray

    2-Pcs Baking Cookie Sheets Set - Nonstick Pans for Baking, Carbon Steel Pan Cookie Sheet w/Rimmed Border, Metal, Reusable, Quality Kitchenware for...
    • NON-STICK COATED LAYER SURFACE The bakeware’s durable nonstick coating helps ensure quick effortless food release—no need for excess butter oil or cooking spray Delicious homemade baked goods...
    • HEAVY-WEIGHT CARBON STEEL It provides durability & fast even heat distribution for uniform browning oven-safe up to 445°F These will never warp or bend out of shape so there are not to worry about...
    • RIMMED BORDER This deep baking sheet features a fully rimmed border This rim effectively prevents juices and sauces from spilling into your oven while providing ample airflow and heat distribution for...

    They are suggested for specific occasions like birthdays, marriages, celebrations, excursions etc. To provide high-performance release, these Nonstick Bakeware cookie sheets include interconnecting nonstick layers. For excellent results and quick clean-up, only can even remove the stickiest baked goods easily.

    The strong nonstick coating of the bakeware virtually guarantees the easy and quick release of food without the need for excess butter, oil, or cooking spray.

    This rim effectively prevents sauces and liquids from spilling over into your oven, thereby providing great control of airflow and sufficient heat for both cooking and baking.


    • Premium pan construction 
    • Space saving design
    • Commercial quality ensure extra long life
    • Nonstick cookie sheet is easy to keep clean


    • The pan is a bit small


    Prestige Inspire - Non Stick Baking Sheet

    Prestige Inspire Bakeware Baking Sheet
    • CUSHION SMART NON STICK TECHNOLOGY - Carbon steel baking sheet with Cushion Smart non stick surface ensuring better air circulating for consistent browning and easier release
    • DURABLE CARBON STEEL - This reusable baking sheet is made of heavy gauge carbon steel for long lasting performance, allowing heat to be distributed more evenly for perfect cooking results every time
    • FREEZER AND FRIDGE SAFE - Unleash your creativity in the kitchen. You can store Prestige non stick baking sheets safely both in your refrigerator and in your freezer if needed

    The Prestige brand is considered to be the cheapest best baking trays 2020/2021 but has impressive outputs. The tray features four high sides which makes it very useful for roasting and baking purposes It can withstand temperatures up to 240C. We like the wide handles that make lifting from the oven simple.

    The compact, carbon steel tray has a unique spiral foundation, which appears much like a bubble wrap in metal. The bubbles contribute to both the heat distribution and its non-binding properties. We baked our cookies surprisingly fast, and in 7 minutes, they were ready. If we baked it for 10 minutes, for a tray that was so light it most probably would have burnt, so consideration for the recipe times is required.

    This baking tray is dishwasher friendly. However, a quick wipe using a damp cloth is all you need to get it clean for your next batch. 

    Consider this top-quality baking tray to be a great budget buy, which in part is due to the delicious results you get from it. 


    • Fridge and freezer safe
    • Experience even cooking as the tray is cushioned base
    • Dishwasher and oven safe
    • 25 Year Guarantee


    • Timing of your recipes are a bit out and needs adjusting


    How to Determine You’re Buying the Best Baking Tray?

    We checked and graded a few baking trays against the following parameters.

    Robust: Without the twist, we were looking for a tray that was robust enough to withstand high heat.

    Weight: Super strong materials and consistent distribution of the heat are among the qualities you should be looking for to ensure a good baking experience. What you want is a durable and healthy tray. If it is too heavy to start, it is hard to carry when it is filled with pastries or baked goods. 

    Ideally, you want a baking tray that has been time-tested, featuring a non-adhesive surface with no extra oil or liners or foils, if possible.

    Most importantly, you need your baking sheet to have a rim, handles or shallow sides to move the pan with your lovely bakes.

    You might be someone who prefers hand-washing or automated washing: both are fine. However, making use of a dishwasher over time removes the nonstick surface. It is best to use baking trays that just require a wipe.

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