The Best Smokers 2022 - Charcoal, Gas & More Reviewed

Written in 2023
by Adam

    Our Winner

    Weber Master Touch

    The premium option when it comes to kettles, we all know Weber to make some of the best grills in the world however when they add the premium features, it takes it to the next level although still keeping it's compact effiecient cooking system.

    As well as being a great classic BBQ it give you the ability to do those low n slow cooks that you know you want to try... Weber also product some great accessories and gear to work alongside the kettle, such as the igrill, or the GBS which is their signature Gourmet BBQ System, which allows you to plug and play with items such as sear grates, pizza stones and woks.

    This is our overall best pick and we can't see it being beaten anytime soon, stick with a classic and you know you'll get a good product for your money

    Our Top Picks

    Whether you’re buying a grill or smoker for the first time or upgrading your setup, it can be stressful to pick from so many possibilities! Cold smokers, hot smokers, gas grills, charcoal grills…it’s all too easy to get lost in the world of barbecue if you’re not sure what’s what. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best grills and smokers: Several categories are included to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and get your backyard BBQ going as soon as possible!

    Other Charcoal Options

    Kamado Joe Classic
    If you’re serious about picking up some high-quality BBQ equipment, the Kamodo Joe Classic Joe has to be on your radar. One of themost versatile pieces of backyard cooking equipment out there, the Classic Joe can sear, grill, smoke, or even act as a fully functioning oven. The heavy-duty ceramic part of the grill comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you’re willing to shell out around £800 this could be the last grill you ever need. If you’re more interested in the smoking function of the Classic Joe, though, you have some other options…
    Weber Original Kettle 57cm
    This charcoal grill isn’t just a classic, it’s the classic. At around £80, it’s a great investment if you’re looking for cheap durability and quality with a user-friendly design. The Weber has two grates, one for cooking and one for charcoal, as well as a simple ash disposal system at the base of the grill. Hard to go wrong here if you’re looking for a quality, basic piece.
    Napoleon Charcoal Kettle
    Another kettle to add to the list, however it's certainly worth it. This does sell out quite a lot, so if you are after the Napoleon Pro it's worth getting it as soon as you see it in stock. The BBQ comes with some neat little features such as heigt adjustable grill levels which a lot of others do not. The grill uses a hinge that allows for easy access when adding your coals either at the star of a cook or during. It's a solid allrounder that's certainly worth a look.

    Hybrid Dual Fuel Options

    It's not always as simple as picking between charcoal and gas, there are other options such as dual fuel, or hybrid as they are now known. These little beauties give you the best of both world, providing that signature smokey flavour from the coal as well as ease of lighting and management that gas provides.

    Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill
    When deciding between the ease of gas and flavour of charcoal it's a difficult decision.. That's where the gas2coal hybrid grill comes into play, no more difficult decisions to be made! If you are looking for a quick cook, get the three gas burners going and you are off, however if you want to use charcoal, you can simply slide the charcoal tray in and get cooking.

    The grill comes with some other helpful extras such as a side grill for heating up sides or pots / pans, as well as it being a solid all rounder BBQ with great portability.


    Gas and charcoal grilling is great for the casual backyard to get together, but you’ve got to get into smoking to truly dive into the world of barbecue. Whether it’s Texas brisket, Memphis ribs, or Kansas City burnt ends, low and slow smoking is the way it’s done. Once you’ve got a smoker, the possibilities are endless: different woods, different rubs, different meats. With a wide world of smokers on the market, there’s sure to be one that’s just the right fit.

    ProQ Ranger Elite BBQ Smoker
    If you’re interested in smoking food but don’t want to jump straight to a pure smoker, the Ranger Elite makes for a solid compromise. A hanger with five hooks provides ample space for smoking meats, but the ProQ is capable of grilling and even stir-frying too. A very versatile option to test the waters of smoking for under £250!
    Landmann 12093 Gas Smoker
    Gas smokers such as the Landmann are an excellent low-budget option if you’re only interested in smoking capabilities. The Landmann is easy to use, so you can start experimenting with different woods and cuts of meat right away without too steep of a learning curve. Quality smoker for a little under the price of the ProQ.

    ProQ ® Cold Smoke Generator
    Okay, this is cheating a little bit since it’s not a full out smoker. The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator provides cold smoking capabilities to most smokers (including the three on this list), however, and it’s quite a nice toy for under £40. Cold smoking gives a smoky flavour to foods without cooking them: cheeses, nuts, butter, just about anything. Cold smoking is a wonderful capability to add on to whichever smoker fits your needs.

    Bradley Digital Smoker
    A digital smoker turns the art of smoking into a science. The Bradley 4-Rack provides tons of space and gives you complete control over smoking time and temperature, so you can be an expert right away. Set the time, set the temperature, and you’re good! At around £440 it’s a slightly more expensive option, but the convenience and precision that a digital smoker provides can be well worth it.There you have it! Gas, charcoal, wood…Whether you’re looking for a cheap setup for backyard burgers or a top grade smoker for brisket and smoked cheeses, there’s an option out there that fits your needs. Start smoking and get grilling!

    Gas Grills

    Gas and charcoal grilling is great for the casual backyard to get together, but you’ve got to get into smoking to truly dive into the world of barbecue. Whether it’s Texas brisket, Memphis ribs, or Kansas City burnt ends, low and slow smoking is the way it’s done. Once you’ve got a smoker, the possibilities are endless: different woods, different rubs, different meats. With a wide world of smokers on the market, there’s sure to be one that’s just the right fit.

    Weber Spirit E-320
    This is one sturdy grill! The Spirit E-320 comes in both three-burner and two-burner models. With a built-in thermometer, cast iron grates, and 529 sq inches of cooking space on the three-burner model, this grill provides durability and function in equal measure. For around £319 (two burners) or £400 (three burners), it’s not the cheapest pick around, but if you’re looking a quality basic gas grill with no frills it’s tough to beat the Spirit-E-310.

    Char-Broil Commercial 3-burner
    If you’re looking for a few more features than you can find on the Weber Spirit but don’t feel like shelling out major cash, the Char-Broil 3-burner is right up your alley. With a side burner and significant cabinet storage space below, this grill lets you turn your deck setup into a respectable kitchen. The Char-Broil uses infrared heat for an even-temperature grill surface and provides a barrier between fire and food for easier cleanup and no flare-ups. Pretty fancy for under £319!

    Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB
    If you’re thinking gas and you’re looking to go big, you can’t ignore the Napoleon Prestige. With four main burners and a rotisserie burner in the back, this grill can cook a serious amount of food. It also has a sear burner for super high-temperature cooking, so you can get a steakhouse-quality sear right in your backyard. The Prestige doesn’t come cheap at around £1200, but you’ll appreciate the quality and the features with every use. Although it’s a gas grill, it has an optional charcoal tray that fits inside in case you want to branch out and try other grilling methods. Speaking of charcoal…

    What to look for when buying a BBQ

    When most people start their search for any item, let's be honest it will come down to price, unless you are in a very fortunate position, if you are, live out your BBQ dreams and buy them all.

    There is always going to be a debate between charcoal and gas, it's just like any classic debate that will never actually come to a conclusion and they both have strengths and weaknesses, gas for its ease of us, charcoal for flavour and ability to cook low and slow.

    We, of course, love to stick with our old trust charcoal, we feel so much more comfortable cooking with coals, but it's each to their own.

    When it gets to summer, or if you are like me, throughout the whole year, to my girlfriends detest then you'll more than likely be on the search for a new grill or bbq/smokers whatever you want to call it...

    It's party season unless it's the Summer of 2020, that wasn't much of a party season for BBQs. If you love the smokey flavour of the barbecue, cooking outside on an open flame and entertaining, we are with you, it's our favourite thing to do and we are sure it will continue to be for a very long time to come.

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    Written by Adam

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