Different Types/Cuts of Pork

Written in 2024
by Toni Costa

    Pork can be utilised in a whole bunch of different ways, and is an extremely versatile bit of meat to work with. Absolutely all the pig is used in some way, so we can have a little look at what type of pork you're looking for to cook up for your guests.

    Pork Belly

    Contrary to popular belief, the pork belly isnt actually the stomach of the pig but its actually the fflesh on the underside of the pig. It's one long cut of meat that makes bacon very well, especailly with tons of fat in it.


    Pork Loin Chops

    Pork loin chops can cover a bunch of different cuts, they all tend to be done pan-fried, broiled or grilled. The thicker cuts with the bone attached hold onto the most flavour.

    Pork Shoulder Chops

    Sometimes sold under the name of pork blade chops, they can be fattier and a bit tougher than other chops, so they may need a little marinating or tenderizing beforehand, or maybe a longer and slower method of cooking them. Grilling and pan-friend will work too though!

    Pork Crown Roast

    A pork crown is two racks of pork that are tied into a circular crown and in the middle it is stuffed and cooked, its given its name by the crown look with the ribs up going upwards around the cut!

    Pork Cutlets

    Cutlets are really lean steaks similar to sirloin chops but meatier and sometimes covered in breadcrumbs and pan-fried. Its a really nice way to cook pork in a different way, and taste great when grilled or pan seared.


    Ham is from the top of the pork leg and can be sold in a variety of ways, smoked, cured, frozen or fresh. You would've seen it most commonly in stores in packets but Prosciutto is a lovely high end example.

    Pork Loin

    The pork loin is the most tender and lean cut that you can get so you have to be careful not to overcook because of this! Can be cut up into the blade end, the Sirloin end or the Centre portion, or sold as a whole.

    Pork Back Ribs

    Often called 'baby back ribs' they're essentially just less meaty versions of country style ribs.

    Country Style Pork Ribs

    The meatiest and fattiest version of ribs, they can come as bone in or boneless, a really great piece of meat to cook up if you can get your hands on some!

    Pork Spare Ribs

    Spare ribs aren't as meaty as their two counterparts, but their popularity come from the texture, they're the least fatty and go great with a slow cook.

    Pork Roasts

    Similarly to pork chops, the roast is essentially a combination of other cuts, more specifically, the blade roasts, tenderloins, rib, top loin, sirloin and boston butt. Just as a general rule-of-thumb, the boneless roasts will benefit from being cooked tied up, whilst a bone-in one will be okay without the string.

    Pork Sausages

    The majority of sausages are traditionally made from pork, some are fresh and need cooking but you can get them already cured or smoked and the just ned a little heating up.

    Pork Hanks and Shanks

    Our name for them is hanks and shanks, but in reality their actually the pigs shins, they're often smoked and add a lovely flavour to a broth. They're usually sold smoked and with the skin still on.

    Pro Butt and Shoudler

    The pork butt and shoulder are technically different cuts, but both come from a thick section in the shoulder with intense marbling that make it erect for pulled pork and some other styles of barbeque style of pork. They both work slow cooked and can also work braised or as a stew meat.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully after this you'll understand a littel bit more aout most of the parts of the pig and the nest way to utilise some of th amazing cuts that you can get from the

    Written by Toni Costa

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