How much Prime Rib should I serve per Person?

Written in 2024
by Toni Costa

    Hopefully, this article will show you what prime rib is, and the perfect amount to serve per person so that you aren't left with tons of leftovers, or worse, hungry guests!

    What actually is Prime Rib?

    This cut gets its namesake from the primal rib, and can also call the standing rib. The whole rib area has rib numbers six to twelve, and so can have anywhere from two to seven ribs. The ribeye is a more famous section of this cut or a bit of a reference.

    How many Pounds do you need per Person?

    Getting the right amount of primal rib is really important for an enjoyable meal, and can be a really difficult thing to do if you aren't familiar with the primal rib. You also need to consider how you serve it, boneless r bone-in, how many guests, how hungry they are, etc.

    Is the prime rib going to be a part of a larger meal or buffet? The general rule for this is that you'll need a rib for every two guests. This means that for six people, you would need to have a three-bone rib that weighs around six pounds. These pieces of meat can get big so take into consideration the size of our grill when doing this! When serving remember to consider that only half of the guests will receive rib bones, and if you were to serve everything boneless, you don't need quite as much meat.

    Buying Prime Rib

    What you decide to buy will be a little bit down to preference, but the Natural Angus Prime Rib is a relatively well-known one that's always a lovely tender cut that cooks nicely and comes in at around 6lbs, feeding six adults.

    Serve Bone-in or Boneless?

    Bone-in is preferred as it insulates the meat whilst it cooks, making it more tender and flavourful, but if your recipe requests otherwise then maybe go with that. If you're new to carving too and want something a little easier, then go with boneless just to be on the safe side.

    Tips for Roasting and Grilling Perfect Prime Rib

    Seasoning Prime Rib

    Prime rib can be an expensive venture and requires proper care and attention when both seasoning and cooking. A thicker piece will need a generous amount of seasoning, or ideas, think about chopped garlic, salt, and other herbs and spices, with a deep rub.
    Some people like to take the meat off the bone, season it, and then tie it all back together again!

    Storing Prime Rib

    Chances are, you won't be cooking it right away, it will probably see some time in the fridge before it reaches the grill. It can spend up to five days in there before you'll have to chuck it, and whilst it can be frozen, cant is for longer than six months. If you do decide to freeze it, it needs to be wrapped and all the air needs to be removed. Once it's cooked, it needs to be eaten soon after. Leftovers can do a few days in the fridge but best not to leave them for over a week.

    Common Questions

    Can Prime Rib be good for you?

    Meat in moderation isn't a problem, and can even be good for you, and provides you with plenty of iron, but has been linked with colorectal cancer when in excess.

    What is the correct internal temperature of prime roast?

    For that famous texture and flavour, aim for 139 Fahrenheit, and try to take the meat off the cooker at 125, as it will cook a little in its own juices.

    How do I season prime rib overnight?

    Seasoning the prime rib as early as you can is super important to get all of those flavours to seep into the meat, if you don't have this time to let the flavours get deep into the meat, 45minutes is the bare minimum.

    Final Thoughts

    The prime rib is a fantastic piece of meat, considered extremely high quality which is why the price gets so high. When it is seasoned with herbs well, and sliced perfectly from edge to edge, its s beautiful thing to eat.

    Written by Toni Costa

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