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Written in 2024
by Adam

    Non-alcoholic wine alternatives are predominantly becoming more popular. Maybe it has something to do with the alcoholic-free movement currently on the rise. What's more, new options are coming up all the time. 

    Some of us may have planned to drink less this year and be more open to drinking non-alcoholic wines or low-alcohol beers. A clever move by the manufacturers of alcohol to communicate the satiety and complexity found in gin and cold lagers through non-alcoholic wine alternatives. 

    Follow along with us as we go a bit deeper into what makes low and non-alcoholic wines such an excellent choice for those who intend on curbing their alcohol intake. 

    Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Dealcoholized

    This particular wine is one of a kind in that it's oak-aged and infused with an array of aromas such as blueberries, cherry, black currants, and chocolate. The dry finish of this Napa cap sans alcohol is to be admired for its soft tannins and the fact that it is full-bodied. Pairs very well with a game bird, duck, and beef. 

    Martinelli's Gold Medal Sparkling Cider

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    You cannot get anything purer than this top-quality sparkling cider made from 100% US grown apples with no alcoholic content and kosher friendly. The apples are handpicked, pressed, then pasteurised to ensure a fresh and crispy taste every single time. 

    The beverage is fortified with vitamin C, and no preservatives are used. Ciders pair very well with Caerphilly and Cheshire cheeses. Even Appenzeller is a good choice. Cooked dishes during colder seasons like cauliflower cheese pair equally well. Is it any wonder that Martinelli has been a sure favourite for more than 150 years?

    Belvoir Farm Elderflower Cordia

    • Made with masses of freshly picked elderflowers, lemon juice and Belvoir spring water
    • A light and refreshing summer drink
    • Ideal for weddings and parties

    If you prefer a sparkling refresher revered as a premium soft drink rather than a wine, the elderflower cordial is sure to please your palate. You can be sure of only the best ingredients in the form of freshly pressed Lemon, Belvoir spring water, sugar, and freshly picked elderflowers that make up 8% of the content. 

    This is the type of drink that is perfect for parties and weddings. It is suitable for vegetarians and best enjoyed diluted in sparkling or still water or as part of a cocktail. The first bottle saw the light of day almost 40 years ago.

    FAMILIA TORRES Nature Rose Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon Non-Alcoholic Wine


    The very tasty FAMILIA TORRES Nature is at the forefront of top quality non-alcoholic wines. It is favoured for its wild berries and red liquorice aromas. You will surely enjoy taking your first sip of this lively and fruity rose wine that is non-alcoholic.

    Made in the Bodegas Torres SA winery near Barcelona, this rose de-alcoholised wine is made using an innovative alcohol extraction process where the aroma of the grapes remains and all the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants the original wine is famous for. The perfect pick me up, boasting an array of fresh fruity flavours. Best served chilled and pairs well with rice and various Asian dishes. 

    Bonus tip: You may eat as much rice as you like as it only carries 30 calories for every 100ml.

    Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine Red

    Non Alcoholic Communion Wine - Red - single bottle
    • Non Alcoholic Communion Wine - Red - single bottle
    • Product type: BEVERAGE

    This is a good wine that offers exceptional value for money. You will be happy to learn that it is gluten-free, suitable for consumption by vegans and vegetarians. The rich, red colours of the wine make it the perfect companion for sacramental use. The wine consists of a blend of fine grapes specially selected to produce a superb tasting non-alcoholic wine that is ideal for opening up communion to the congregation.

    Seedlip Grove 42 Non-Alcoholic Spirits

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    Seedlip Grove 42 is not technically a wine per se, but it certainly merits a bit of attention from cocktail lovers who also love non-alcoholic wines. To be noted is the most amazing smell you get once you open one of these fine bottles. It certainly is way better than club soda and lime. 

    The best way to enjoy this non-alcoholic spirit is to serve it with soda, ginger ale, tonic, and ice. One thing that can be said of Seedlip is that it's a great mixer and the taste reminds you somewhat of natural tasting cardamom.

    You will notice the vibrant Italian flavours that consist of bitter orange and mandarin right away. Then, there is the incredible blend of Lemongrass, Ginger root, and Lemon peel to produce more of a perennial flavour. 

    Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Alcohol Free?

    You may have wondered whether there is any alcohol in non-alcoholic wine. Surely, there must be a certain amount of ABV to even make it wine. You've got that right as each wine consists of 0.5% ABV or Alcohol by Level. You may compare it to an overripe banana, which is by no means potent enough to send your head reeling.

    Just be aware that the smell and taste of non-alcoholic wines may stimulate your taste buds into craving the real deal. So it is not really suited for someone who hopes to give up indulging in alcohol.

    Low alcohol and alcohol-free wine may have had a bad reputation in years gone by. Nowadays, people all around the UK are looking at it with fresh eyes. They appreciate the fact that winemakers produce a much better tasting non-alcoholic wine than ever before. 

    Whatever your preference, you can be certain there is the best non-alcoholic wine waiting for you. Time to sit down, get hold of your corkscrew and pour yourself one of the top non-alcoholic wines

    We invite you to take the challenge of trying one of these favourites we cared to mention. 

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    Written by Adam

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