Best Outdoor Gas Griddles 2021

Written in 2024
by Adam

    If you are ready to upgrade your outdoor cooking space then a high-quality gas griddle is the perfect purchase to make. Not to be confused with a grill, outdoor gas griddles are smooth, flat metal surfaces used to cook a variety of different types of food and can commonly be known as flat-top grills.

    In this article, we will give you a comprehensive list formed from our personal experiences, advising you of a griddle's functions and features so you can decide which is most suitable for you. Whether you're a breakfast aficionado looking for a large griddle to cook eggs, bacon, and sausages all at once or a camping enthusiast needing a portable griddle to pack in their rucksack, this article is the right place to start!

    Top 5 Outdoor Gas Griddles for 2021

    1. Our Top Pick- Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

    As the industry leaders of gas griddles you expect nothing but the highest quality products from Blackstone and this griddle certainly lives up to those expectations. Being the cornerstone of Blackstone products it is the pinnacle of an outdoor gas griddle and you may have seen it used in many restaurants and poolside on holiday, backing up its quality.

    The 36” Griddle Cooking Station offers an expansive 4645 cm squared in cooking surface covering four separately controlled low-high burners for versatile cooking opportunities, providing an outstanding 17.58 kW of power. The 4 burners are made of stainless steel, reducing the likelihood of corrosion and increasing its durability.

    The Blackstone has two work surfaces, a bottom shelf to make food preparation convenient and an easy to remove griddle top. All of this is supported by a robust steel frame and four extremely mobile, industrial strength caster wheels, 2 of which that lock.

    The bottom of the main cooking surface includes a large grease drain to make the clean-up much faster and easier.

    On arrival, the product will need assembly, however it is extremely simple and quick to set-up, taking us just 12 minutes. You will need a screwdriver and a wrench so have those handy before its arrival and ensure there is plenty space for you to build it. You can set it up indoors, however its best to do the assembly outdoors in case it doesn't fit through your door fully assembled.

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Exterior Material Painted steel
    Cooking Grate Material Steel
    Output 17.58 kW
    Number of burners 4
    Main grilling area size 4645 square cm
    Size 101 x 63.5 x 36.8 cm
    Weight 54 kg


    What we like:

    - Cooks for Many: the 4645 square cm cooking surface provides more than enough space to cook for a whole party of people!

    - Durability: the all-steel construction means it is undisputed in its durability.

    Mobility: despite its size the 4 wheels makes this griddle surprisingly mobile, allowing you to move it from its storage to the back garden with ease on those hot, summer days.

    - Food organisation: the multiple shelves mean food can be easily organised during its preparation.

    - Easy to clean: the removable griddle and grease drain make cleaning the surface very quick and easy.

    - Value for money: despite expensive, for its quality and durability this product is great value for money. If you are looking for a long-term purchase this is it!

    What we don't like:

    - Big budget griddle: despite its great value for money it is still very pricey and unless you are 100% dedicated to buying and using this on a frequent basis it is probably worth buying a cheaper, less luxurious griddle

    - Requires quite a lot of space: this griddle is very big and unless you have a reasonably sized garden and somewhere to store it during harsher, winter months then it may not be the product to purchase.

    2. Runner Up- Camplux Portable Gas Garden BBQ Griddle Grill

    Camplux has outdoor cooking figured out with this product, incorporating portability, energy saving and innovation perfectly into this particular griddle. Offering versatile cooking options, this product can deliver the ultimate grilling experience to you, your friends and your family! Since we are in the midst of summer this is an ideal purchase to enjoy a healthy outdoor cooking experience this year.

    This highly portable gas griddle weighs just 7 kg and provides 263" squared of cooking space, allowing you to smoke, char, barbecue, braise, roast or sear any food you like! To give you an idea of the ample cooking space we managed to efficiently cook 10 burgers at once. Maybe even one or two more would have fit if we hadn't ran out of burgers!

    The cooking surface covers two independently controlled stainless steel burners, providing fast and even heat distribution. The surface is coated with non-stick enamelled steel finish, offering a rust-free performance and easy clean-up. The surface is very stable, supported by the sturdy feet that hold the griddle up.

    Cooking Grate Material Steel
    Output 4.0 kW
    Number of burners 2
    Main Grilling Area Size 1700 square centimeters
    Size 48x45x21 cm
    Weight 7.17 kg
    Camplux GP102B Portable 2 Burners Gas Plancha, Garden BBQ Griddle Grill 4.0kW, Outdoor Picnics, Suitable for Butane/Propane Gas
    • ➤ 1700 CM² GRILL COOKING PLATE - Cooking area (W x D): 46 x 37cm. Whether you’re looking to grill, smoke, char, barbecue, braise, roast, sear, or bake your food, Camplux GP102B gas grill can do...
    • ➤ FAST & EVEN HEATING DISTRIBUTION - 2 independently controlled stainless steel tube burners provide even heat distribution and fast cooking with a power of 4.0kW. 2.5mm thick enamelled steel panel...
    • ➤ A HEALTHIER COOKING METHOD - A very low-fat and healthy way to cook. Excess fat doesn't sit around the food but drains away through the drip hole, then into the grease cup, leaving a healthier...


    What we like:

    - extremely portable: weighing just 7kg this griddle can be stored and taken just about anywhere, perfect for picnics or other outdoor activities.

    - price: the value for money for this product is very good considering the features of the product and versatility it provides.

    - simple clean-up: its non-stick enamelled steel finish means it can be cleaned extremely efficiently. The plancha plate can even be taken apart to wash in a dishwasher.

    - healthy cooking: the grease drain means less excess fat is getting into your food, leaving you with a healthier dish.

    What we don't like:

    - does not come with gas hose or connectors: frustrating, however easy to avoid any stress by ordering them before.

    3. Best Budget Griddle and Most Portable- George Foreman Large Variable Temperature Grill & Griddle

    George Foreman has been a leading health grill brand and household name for over 15 years, boasting  quick, convenient and healthy ways to whip up everyone's favourite meals and snacks.

    This particular griddle is by far the cheapest and most portable product on this list and one of our favourite griddle's at Smoke Guys. It also has a smaller grill to the side of the griddle, handy for utilising two different cooking methods on you food.

    Weighing just under 4 kilograms and providing a 439 square cm grill and a 613 square cm this product will be able to fit in your backpack so you can use it to cook up a storm wherever you like! The griddle can fit up to 6 portions on it and the grill can fit up to 4 portions so you do not really need to worry about cooking space.

    The cooking surface is coated in long lasting non-stick and heated by two independently controlled burners. It also comes with a perfect fit dip tray to make clean-up just that bit easier.

    Cooking Grate Material Steel
    Output 2.18 kW
    Number of Burners 2
    Main Grilling Area Size 439 square cm
    Size 13.3 x 57.4 x 31.7 cm
    Weight 3.8kg
    George Foreman Large Electric Grill & Griddle [Dual independent temperature control, Energy saving, Easy clean, Non stick, Healthy, Toastie, Hot...
    • 10 portion grill and griddle (four portion grill and six portion griddle) - grill and griddle at the same time
    • Improved, 3 x longer lasting non stick plates
    • Dual, independent temperature controls


    What we like:

    - Fantastic portability: the size and weight means it is extremely portable and it can stored wherever you like. It stores vertically, including the dip tray and comes with chord storage so it takes up minimal space when you aren't using it

    - Affordability: in our opinion it is the cheapest good quality griddle out there.

    - Reviews: on Amazon this particular product has over 2,400 reviews with an overall of 4.5/5 stars so you can expect it to be excellent quality.

    - Easy to clean: the small surface area, non-stick and grease tray means this product is the quickest to clean.

    What we dislike:

    - Cooking space: with the great portability comes a much smaller amount of cooking space. Although you can cook a good amount of food on it you probably won't be able to use it for a big family and friend outdoor cookout!

    - Need a power outlet: very portable however you will need a power outlet to plug it in, limiting where you can use it.

    4. Best Add-On Griddle- Onlyfire Stainless Steel Rectangle Griddle Plancha for Most BBQ Gas Grills

    Unlike the other products on the list this product doesn't have any heat source, instead simply put it on top of your existing barbecue (as long as it will fit) to create an extremely high quality griddle cooking surface. Turn your grill into an outdoor kitchen this summer using this great product.

    Built from 100% stainless steel it features a reservoir on the front edge which acts as a grease catcher, it has raised edges to prevent any spillages and a large cooking area, spanning 1290 square centimeters.

    Weighing just 3.6 kg and being made up of entirely stainless steel means the griddle is also robust and lightweight and fits virtually any gas grill.

    The sides of this griddle are fitted with detachable handles and hollow vents for even airflow. The raised sides also ensure food is contained and make flipping and turning food extremely simple.

    Cooking Grate Material Stainless Steel
    Output N/A
    Number of Burners None
    Main Grilling Area Size 1,228.5 square cm
    Size ‎51 x 32 x 7 cm
    Weight 3.63 kg
    Onlyfire Stainless Steel Rectangle Griddle Plancha for Most BBQ Gas Grills and Charcoal Grills
    946 Reviews
    Onlyfire Stainless Steel Rectangle Griddle Plancha for Most BBQ Gas Grills and Charcoal Grills
    • Dimension: 510mm wide x 320mm deep x 124mm high, cooking surface 45.5cm x 27cm, fit virtually any gas grill.
    • Material: Heavy-duty stainless steel, 1.2mm thick, non-stick surface provides stick-free cooking and cleaning.
    • Convenient: Sidewalls are ideal for flipping and turning, keep food on griddle.


    What we like:

    - durable and lightweight: only 3.6kg yet made of high quality stainless steel so you can rely on it to last

    - easy to clean: the simplistic design means it could even be cleaned by using just a paper towel and some cleaning spray

    What we dislike:

    - 'only' an add-on: meaning you need the prerequisites like a large grill for it to be useful

    - portability: as you need a large grill for it to be used it has little portability

    5. Most Versatile- KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Griddle and Portable BBQ

    This fantastic, easy to use griddle is a great purchase for the upcoming summer. It can even be used on rainy days where it can be used inside due to advanced airflow technology that greatly reduces smoke.

    Equipped with removable non-stick grill and griddle plates, grease catcher and glass lid the entire product can be thrown in the dishwasher for effortless clean-up.

    This product from KCZAZY is another favourite at Smoke Guys for its versatility and ease of use in many scenarios. The matchless ignition heats up the griddle very quickly and the cooking temperature can be controlled by a small LED smart display on the side which we love and find very easy to use.

    Cooking Grate Material Steel
    Output 1.5 kW
    Number of Burners None (Electric)
    Main Grilling Area Size 700 square cm
    Size 55 x 40.79 x 22.2 cm
    Weight 8.37 kg
    KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill, Indoor and Outdoor Use, Grill and Griddle Plates Removable, Portable BBQ Grilling & Searing, Dishwasher Safe,...
    • INDOOR SMOKELESS GRILL: This smokeless grill uses advanced airflow technology and built-in range hood, which greatly reduces the smoke generated during grilling, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of...
    • DISHWASHER SAFE: Grill plates, drip tray, collection pan and glass lid are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. Tip: Plesae DO NOT use the steel wool or abrasive cleaners to clean the grill.
    • INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 1500W power built-in double U-shaped heating pipe can make the grill fast and stable to adjust the temperature between 0°C -250 °C, and the LED temperature control...


    What we like:

    - clean-up: very fast and can use the dishwasher.

    - versatility: can use at anytime of year both in and outside.

    - aesthetically modern: has a very funky look to it with the LED display and painted finish

    What we don't like:

    - the heating of the griddle plate is slightly unevenly distributed

    - many parts: quite easy to lose track of the different layers of the product when taking it apart to put in the dishwasher. Keep an eye out any removable drip-trays wondering off!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the difference between a griddle and a grill?

    Although the most common question, it is rather simple and the two cooking surfaces can be easily differentiated. Mostly noticeable is the design, where a grill has raised ridges and a more textured surface a griddle has a smooth, flat surface.

    Both grills and griddles can use either gas, electricity or charcoal but with griddles the heat sources doesn't actually contact the food. Instead it heats the whole metal surface which then browns and cooks the food evenly. Grilling however, utilises much higher temperatures and the heat source cooks the food directly through the gaps in a grill and heating the metal ridges, giving us those beautiful grill marks we love on our burgers, chicken and sausages!

    What are the benefits of cooking on a griddle?

    There are many benefits of cooking on a griddle rather than any other cooking surface.

    Our favourite benefit of griddle cooking is how evenly it cooks food, especially meats like steak where it needs to be cooked evenly just how you like it. This is possible from the flat cooking surface that tends to brown food much faster than on a grill.

    Griddle cooking also contains food more effectively as the flat cooking surface designed with no gaps prevents any food from falling through and being wasted. Successfully stopping any potential barbecue upsets when someone's sausage has fallen through the grill gap!

    Griddles are also much easier to clean than cooking surfaces like the grill, making your cooking experience much less time-consuming. The smooth, flat surface means there are no difficult nooks or crannies to get into and clean.

    How do I clean my gas griddle?

    Don't worry, cleaning your gas griddle requires minimal resources and time.

    We found that the video below shows the most effective and easy way of cleaning your gas griddle. Give it a watch!

    How to Clean the Flat-top Grill - YouTube


    In summary, although every product is high quality and has their own specialities our overall best outdoor gas griddle is the Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station. This outdoor cooking machine is everything you look for and more when perfecting your outdoor cooking experience. Despite its daunting price it will last you a lifetime and we can guarantee the food it will produce will not disappoint! The size of its cooking surface will mean you can invite your friends, family and quite frankly everyone else you know over for a proper cookout to make memories this summer and all future summers that you won't forget!

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    Written by Adam

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