Weber Spirit E 310 II Review

Written in 2024
by Adam

    Weber Spirit E310 II

    Lots of the cheap gas grills out there have a very questionable quality. The Weber Spirit II E310 contains all of the essentials at an affordable price, which makes it stand out against other grills.

    Its large grilling area can support even a twenty-pound turkey, and the precision and extra features make it Weber’s most popular product in the spirit line.

    Weber is well-known for its durability, quality and reliability, and we are gonna look at whether or not the Spirit E310 satisfies Weber’s high standards.

    Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill Overview

    The Weber Spirit II E310 is our pick from the latest line of grills from Weber, released in Apri of 2018.

    The stainless steel burner design puts out 30,000 BTU an hour, and getting those burners lit is as easy as pushing a button on the Electric Crossover ignition system.

    The grills impressive 529 square inches for grilling space is more than enough for whatever amount of people you’re trying to accommodate, including 424 square inches of cooking space and an additional 105 square inches of warming rack.

    Additional features like the Flavoriser bars, stainless steel side tables, a central thermometer and an easy to read fuel gauge, bring the Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill up to the high level of quality that is expected from the price tag.

    What we like:

    • Size and Space - A twenty-pound turkey is no easy feat, but the Weber Spirit E310 tackles it with ease in its spacious grilling area. The additional stainless steel tables are really useful, but we wish they could fold won like the two-burner spirit models.
    • Performance - Having full control over your heat is essential to grilling success, so the grills fine-tuning burner controls that can be used to create direct and indirect heating zones become very useful. The flavorizer bar system is an innovative addition that brings the sizzling drippings back onto the food and returns the flavour whilst you cook.
    • -Ease of Cleaning -  The juices that miss the flavorizer bars goes into a grease management system, consisting of an angled grease tray and a catch pan that is positioned a safe distance away. You can dispose of the catch pan, and the grease trays are easily interchangeable.

    What we didn’t like:

    • Very Heavy - If you’re limited on space, the stainless steel tables can present a challenge as they don’t fold down like the two-burner model can. It’s a very heavy model and will require more than one person to setup.
    • Easily Dents - The parts are constructed of a low grade of stainless steel and so lots of customers have complained that their Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill arrived dented. Even if you buy your grill from a local shop, check for dents before you setup.
    • Difficult Installation - Besides its obvious weight, the Weber Spirit E310 also comes with some very complex and difficult instructions, as well as being in several pieces. We would recommend getting a buddy to help, as it took us a total of three hours to assemble. 

    What’s the build quality like?

    The construction of this grill can be a difficult task and can take a couple hours before you can get it into action.

    It consists of several individual parts, and thankfully the instructions are well-made and easy to understand, but they are picture only. All parts come well-packaged and are labeled. It’s pretty difficult to move however, so you might need some help moving it around.

    Fully assembled with the lid open, the Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill measures to 63-inch by 52-inch by 32-inch. It’s fairly solidly built, even though it can be easily dented during the transport. Pretty much all of Weber’s grills are known for being exceptionally durable. 

    The stainless steel side tables are useful for prep space or food platters, and they give the design a sturdier feel.

    We do need to disclose that the Spirit E310 is NOT made in America.

    Weber is usually known for its high-quality, made-in-America products, but the Spirit line is the cheapest of the products and made in China.

    Whilst it doesn’t have the high-quality build of other Weber builds, it offers a lot of features for a very affordable package.

    Make sure to buy a grill cover to maintain your grills performance and protect it from the weather.

    Every version of the Spirit II is compatible with the Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer. This is sold separately. It's a little disappointing it's not included with the grill, but it's definitely a good purchase for anyone who wants to do some smoking on a grill.

    The iGrill 3 allows you to connect up to four probes that can let you monitor the temperature through an app on your phone.

    It also shows you the fuel level.

    Check the iGrill 3 price on amazon.

    Once the Weber Spirit E310 is built, we can test how it cooks

    How Well Does the Spirit E310 perform?

    Weber is always capable of providing a quality grilling performance, and this product is no exception.

    The easy-to-read fuel gauge lets you know just how much fuel you have left, once linked to a twenty pound liquid propane tank (not included).

    The Electric Crossover ignition system can provide 32,000 BTU-per-hour at just the press of a button.

    Each of the three burners have their own controls, meaning you can create direct and indirect heating zones. It produces a lot of power for its size.

    The Spirit E310 has black porcelain-enamelled cooking grates as well as the innovative flavorizer system. The flavorizer system is constructed of some angled bars that return the juices back into the food to give it back that sizzling flavour.

    The juices that get through the flavorizer system fall into an easy to clean and stress-free removable tray.

    During cleanup, the tray slides right out allowing you to just throw the disposable pan away and replace it.

    The cast-iron bars are fantastic at heat retention and are easily cleaned with a gentle brushing from a stainless steel brush.

    Once this grill fired up, the quality of the food really amazed me, and the ease of cleaning and use was impressive.

    Weber Spirit vs Weber Genesis

    The next step up from the Spirit line is the Weber Genesis. You must be wondering if the Spirit is good enough for you or if you want to spend the extra money and get a Genesis II E310.

    Let's see how they compare.

    Both grills have the outstanding build quality and the level of performance that we expect from Weber, but apart from the price tag, there is one key difference.

    Both lines feature stainless steel burners, enclosed gas storage, thermometers, porcelain-enamel cast-iron grates and gas gauges. Both lines also include a range of basic models and more advanced ones.

    What's the difference?

    It’s build quality. Despite a well-built Spirit line, Genesis comes with a better quality stainless steel build, made to last longer.

    The high-quality construction will cost you more but is worth the investment if you’re in it for the long run.

    If the Spirit line is more your budget, you still get a great build with lots of great features.

    Should You Buy the Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill?

    If you want a great grill for a good price, the Weber E310 Gas Grill might be for you.

    The Spirit E310 fits the high standard of reliability and build we’ve come to expect from Weber.

    Considering its ample cooking space and 3-burner design, this grill has more than enough to satisfy a small party. The Flavorizer bar system, electric crossover ignition, convenient fuel gauge and fully enclosed cook box are all standout features. Cleanup was quick and easy too.

    Despite some issues with lower grade stainless steel construction, the Weber Spirit E310 has several qualities and features that make sure it fits the entry-level for a gas grill of its price.

    Written by Adam

    Adam is the creator of the SmokeGuys website, running it since 2016. Hater of coriander, lover of all things meat... Adam currently works in marketing with a dream of being able to make food his full-time 'job' in the longer term.

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