Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Written in 2024
by Adam

    A coffee machine bean-to-cup is the best way to bring forth your hidden barista, just that little bit of your local coffee shop here in your own kitchen. 

    Best home coffee makers to get you through lockdown: pod, filter, and bean to cup machines 

    You can now have fresh coffee at your disposal without having to leave your house. Grinding the bean right before it is consumed means it has remained as strong as possible, which is why beans can be used by coffee shops rather than pre-purchased grounds. 

    Finding the right bean for your cup machine involves taking your personal coffee taste into account, and also your budget and whether you want milk-based drinks to be easily made. 

    A cup a day pushes the afternoon nap back, so with these glorious gizmos, embrace your inner barista. 

    Interesting Tidbits About Coffee and The Machines Making it 

    Every day in the UK, 95 million cups of coffee are drunk. Given that only about 66.6 million live on this tiny cluster of islands, these are very shocking estimates. 

    Now is the time for our home-made coffee game to be the best it can be with the nation on lockdown and many coping with a commute that brings us only from the bedroom to the living room. Therefore you want the best experience and value for money when it comes to producing a flavourful cup of coffee. 

    Below are our selections of the best coffee machines bean to cup.


    Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

    Beko 8814253200 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine CEG5311X 19 Bar Pressure-Stainless Steel, Includes Steam Nozzle for Milk Frothing, One Touch LCD Control &...
    • STEAM NOZZLE- Enjoy a delicious foamy finish on your coffee with this machine's integrated steam nozzle. Whether you prefer a flat white, latte or a cappuccino, the integrated steam nozzle will...
    • ONE TOUCH LCD CONTROL- This sleek, professional machine features a LCD touch control panel, where you can easily choose between functions. Simply select single or double espresso to create your...
    • INTEGRATED COFFEE BEAN GRINDER - Make your coffee, your way. The integrated grinder has a 125g capacity and 19 grind settings, so whether you love your fresh coffee slighty weaker or full bodied and...

    If you're searching for a stylish bean to cup, which is also a self-cleaning coffee machine without making you bankrupt, you may want to pay attention to the Beko's CEG5311. It's also among the best bean to cup machines on the market currently.  

    Besides the fact that it does a brilliant job, it outshines many of the more costly machines. Beko took the basics most shoppers looked for and produced the ultimate choice with a price tag of about £ 300. Not only can this stainless-steel machine add a touch of modernity to your kitchen and ensures users get to experience the perfect finishing touch, but your mornings will never be dull again! It is an inexpensive selection from a brand that offers the best of the previous years' value. You can create your favourite beverage of choice with drinks you've never had before. The machine is compatible with all types of beans.  

     To continue making maintenance a snap, the designers of this coffee machine beans to cup made a unit that comes complete with an adjustable height nozzle, steam wand, and an automatic self-cleaning feature. This is the most affordable alternative we have discovered, which requires frothy milk produced by a steam wand, enabling you to make a perfect latte or cappuccino.   

    You are spoiled for choice as the machine features 'mild' and 'solid' functions. You may also change the grind and quantity of water. All it takes is the click of a button to activate two pre-programmed functions and experience exceptional results. There is even a memory feature to recall your favourite drink, so it's easy to make the best cup of coffee ever.  

    Double and single espresso shots are therefore obtainable to appeal to one's senses, and when done, it will clean through automatically.  

    Summing it all up, for not a great deal of money for the numerous features to benefit you. What beans to pick is the only thing left to worry about!  

    Reasons to Buy  

    • Stylish and Lightweight  
    • Tons of characteristics and functions  
    • Reasonably priced  
    • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer   

    Reasons to Avoid  

    • The capacity of the bean feed is smaller than it should be  


    Sage the Barista Express with Temp Control Milk Jug, Brushed Stainless Steel 

    Sage - The Barista Express - Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Grinder and Milk Frother, Brushed Stainless Steel
    • Better Coffee: Elevate your coffee ritual with the Sage Barista Express, which seamlessly blends precision engineering and innovation for a transformative at-home espresso experience
    • Integrated Precision Grinding: The integrated conical burr grinder with 16 grind settings delivers the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter, ensuring maximum flavour in...
    • Optimal Brewing: The precise water temperature of 93°C paired with the low-pressure pre-infusion that gradually increases pressure draws out flavours evenly, resulting in a creamy, caramel-coloured...

    Sage by Heston Blumenthal is a brand often related to high-end home appliances and gadgets, and it seems like a bit of a steal to us to have this coffee machine offered at such a reasonable price without cutting corners on performance.  

    In less than a minute, it's super quick from whole beans to espresso without cutting corners, ensuring the final result is silky smooth and tastes wonderful. Both the volume and processing speed of each coffee blend is consistent with little effort from you, so you have no erratic delivery issues.  

    For an extra-frothy texture, the steam output is required to ensure the best results. The chances of you getting a specific consistency and sufficient flavour levels is enhanced due to the fact that you have 18 grind levels to choose from and the 15-bar pressure builds up in stages for even flavour extraction.  

    It will only crush the amount of coffee you need as it is packed with unique features since there is no possibility of wasting or it being too strong. The digital temperature control ensures that once it hits the ground, the water is the right warmth, so you won't risk burning anything.  

    The milk is kept in a stainless-steel jug instead of a plastic bottle to ensure a full coffee shop experience so that you can perfect your latte art like a master. If you wish to heat your cups beforehand or add a little bit of additional water to your beverages, there is also a dedicated hot water arm.  

    Reasons to Buy   

    • Brushed finish      
    • Full flavour  

    Reasons to Avoid   

    • A bit tricky to fully set up and get used to 


    De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver
    7,196 Reviews
    De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver
    • INTEGRATED GRINDER: Includes an integrated Coffee burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness levels; the beans are ground instantly for fuller flavour and a fresher cup of Coffee
    • MILK FROTHER: Be your own barista and prepare your perfect Cappuccino with the adjustable MILK FROTHER - warm-up milk or easily prepare a creamy and dense foam
    • CUSTOMISE Coffee: Make all your Coffee shop favourite drinks with the Magnifica ESAM 4200; whether you like a strong espresso or long frothy cappuccino, this machine will deliver the perfect drink

    Our best budget range by far comes in at less than £ 300, which is a brilliant deal.  

    This De'Longhi model delivers if you are partial to enjoying a strong espresso mostly in the morning to give you a boost or a milky cappuccino to help you through the day. With no time-consuming devices and the price tag that comes with them, it is excellent for someone who is picky about their coffee and requires the best taste.  

    Owing to the integrated burr grinder, it grinds the beans instantly, so your cup of coffee is fresh and tastes at its finest. Or, if you have a brand and blend you, love, you can use pre-ground granules.  

    For your preferences, and for whatever drink you might be preparing, the intensity and length of your cup can also be personalized. It is super easy to make two cups whenever you wish; you may prefer one full cup for an enhanced flavour.   

    If you prefer items such as Flat Whites or Latte Macchiatos, there is a frothing nozzle for making milk-based drinks and giving you the ideal base that is so hard to replicate at home. There is also a decent size for the water tank, which will produce around 5 cups of coffee.  

    The guidelines are straightforward to follow, and all configuration steps, along with the descaling method once the moment arrives, are quite well explained. It is also quick to clean it all, which is perfect as it can look like a sophisticated kit. When finished, used coffee is converted into a round tablet, so after every use, it does not always have to be cleaned out.  

    It isn't quiet, one of the loudest tested, but it's just about a minute from switching it on to getting your coffee ready, so don't let this put you off what's otherwise an excellent price unit.  

    Reasons to Buy  

    • Well priced for what you're getting   
    • Produced coffee tastes amazing  
    • Velvety and creamy milk froth  

    Reasons to Avoid  

    • More plastic and noisier than the original ESAM4200 


    Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine 

    Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
    • This energy-efficient machine automatically switches to standby mode after one hour, then uses less than one watt per hour
    • Program the dispensing buttons on the electronic control panel to suit your own personal coffee preferences
    • Durable ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee aroma, and can be adjusted to grind as coarse or as fine as you like

    A product that doesn't get enough exposure is one of the most renowned coffee machines over the last few years.  

    After only one hour, this energy-efficient system automatically shifts to idle mode and uses just 1W of energy an hour. So, by merely pushing the  button, it is always good to go, but it won't cost you a lot to run. You can program the dispensing controls to accommodate your own preferences, so that, depending on how you drink your beverage, you can select the strength and duration of the coffee. It employs a ceramic grinder that helps to preserve the full flavour and aroma of coffee and can be calibrated as coarse or as fine as you want it to be. There is also a convenient ground coffee unit, so without adjusting the beans, you can try another blend or flavoured coffee.  

    The bean container holds 250 g and the waste box holds about 8 cups of coffee, making it easy to care for and manage.  

    Reasons to Buy  

    • Reasonable price, good value  
    • Low Use of Energy  
    • Hot nozzle of water/steam for frothing  

    Reasons to Avoid  

    • Capacity for small water tanks  


    Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI One-Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

    Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI One-Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with My Coffee Memory and Milk system - Silver
    • Coffee at the touch of a button as 'My Coffee' memory stores 4 personal coffee preferences for each One-touch coffee programmed, Energy-efficient LED lights, shut down and stand-by modes
    • Espresso or cappuccino - 3 brew temperatures, 4 coffee strengths, 2-chamber bean container, easy use milk system
    • Height adjustable spout, 2 cup option, cup warmer, removable water tank and milk system, easy to move

    The Caffeo CI might seem angular to some at first glance (its nature is more practical than fashionable), but the simplicity makes it possible for both efficiency and easy storage. It can quickly be placed into any kitchen area or stored away as it is a regular shape. 

    Setting aside 30 minutes for assembling and installation will afford you ample time to remove all the packaging, read the information, and grasp the settings and features, including up to four pre-sets, three temperature options, and four coffee strength options. 

    The interface is not Bluetooth-enabled or touchscreen-enabled, but it is simple to use. The settings you are actually using are shown by a screen on the left, while a keypad on the right is used to navigate between menu choices. Keys just below the middle screen permit users to pick the type of coffee brand you are after. 

    Furthermore, a double coffee container helps you to switch easily between two types of coffee bean (that many machines don't offer). You can also opt to use pre-ground coffee, so you're not as limited to other devices as you are. 

    With the coffee making itself, the double features also lets you make two cups at the same time, which is an impressive time-saver. With an integrated water container of 1.2 liters and an automatic energy-saving switch-off function, the Caffeo is especially desirable for being low maintenance and unchallenging. 

    A milk container, which is a positive and a negative, comes with the machine. The milk would flow from the same spouts as the coffee, making it much less difficult to use than a manual frother of milk. Then on the other hand, because it's a detachable piece of equipment, it rests on the side much like a spare part, making it more likely to store the unit when it's not in use and pull it out again when it's required. 

    The espresso is routinely great - rich, herbal and smooth and reliable with a smooth cream as you would anticipate from a premium device. Naturally, you can pick a milk coffee - the flavouring is affected but the perfect froth is typically the baristas' reserve. 

    Any cleaning duties are relatively straightforward and when turned off or turned on the machine automatically rinses, allowing you to keep the machine in a sound condition. The only small drawback is that the drip tray has to be drained periodically. 

    Overall, this machine offers all you need to make professional coffees. What most users love about it is the energy-saving and a dual coffee making function. 


    Miele Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

    No products found.

    A very new, sleek bean to cup when you engage in blending activities in your kitchen following the latest trends.

    It mills your beans to your desired level, which gives you a taste that suits your personal preferences. At any time, you can make two specialty coffees which should save time for your household.

    When you want something a bit fancy or coffee shop quality, it is no trouble when armed with an integrated milk brother. But you may wish to enjoy your coffee a little stronger than what your wife or your coffee companions would prefer. Well, the profiles allow your preferences to be saved by name, so you may get everything the way you want by touching a button.

    The machine immediately rinses itself after making a milky coffee, so it stays clean and is in the best working state. The removable parts make it all simple if more cleaning is required so you will not upset anything.

    Reasons to Buy

    • Each user has individual settings.
    • Automatic program for cleaning
    • Digital precision at your fingertips

    Reasons to Avoid

    • More counter space needed as it is a bit bulky

    Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

    Melitta Integrated Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, TS SMART Model F85/0-101, Bluetooth connectivity, Melitta Connect App, Whisper Grinder (Quiet Mark),...
    • 21 pre-set coffee specialities prepared according to the original recipes, Additional customisation of coffee with the Melitta Connect App
    • My Coffee Memory: Saves the preferences of up to 8 people, 4 pre-programmed classic specialities: Expresso, Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Separate hot water preparation possible (e.g. for...
    • Exceptional taste: Genuine fresh coffee enjoyment cup after cup thanks to the Best Aroma System Plus and the Intense Aroma feature, 2 airtight grain compartments, Ground coffee chute, 5 settings for...

    The Melitta TS Smart is a sophisticated gadget for any coffee lover with its 21 predefined coffee combinations, five customizable strength levels and the ability to remember the tastes of up to 8 individuals. 

    The ability to set the amount and the strength of the coffee manually on the machine is suitable for someone who doesn't like the 'standard' coffee recipes. You can pick and personalize the full use of your recipes here, and you can save these settings through the use of automated button options, making it one of the best coffee machines bean to cup makers on the market. The recipes are configurable. 

    We enjoyed the fact that the bean container was divided into four different areas so that you can opt for the one you wish to use until everything is ready. Ideal for households who prefer variety where the beans and blends are always different. 

    The milk carafe is detachable and connected to the frame of the unit through a unique tube. Two black coffees can even be made at once. You will save valuable space when not using the coffee machine as it can be stored between uses in the refrigerator. 

    After a while, it will turn off, so the coffee machine does not consume too much energy. There is also an eco-mode. The quiet function on this model will probably appeal to most users if you are inclined to settle for a cup of coffee in the morning before you leave the house but fear that the bean grinder will be waking the children. It is so quiet. Honestly, the Quiet Mark was awarded to a machine that grinds beans.  

    The possibility of accommodating up to 8 persons makes it an excellent choice for any retail space so long as you can compromise on the saved settings.  

    Reasons to Buy 

    • Completely configurable and customizable 
    • Strong quality 
    • Labelled as silent 

    Reasons to Avoid 

    • Need the app to set it up to your individual preferences 

    Why buy coffee machines bean to cup?  

    Those devices have many advantages compared to coffee pods. There are several. For starters, the coffee consistency found in home-brewed beverages is almost unparalleled because it is freshly prepared for each taste, which ensures that the flavour is as natural and aromatic as can be.  

    It is essential not to have to buy new coffee pots every couple of days – an expensive and environmentally friendly initiative that is aimed at stopping more and more drinkers.  

    There are several choices to choose from, of course; but, luckily, the hard work has already been done in that we reviewed many of the best coffee machines bean to cup against various standards, which include design, ease of cleaning, and functionality to find the cream of the crop.  

    What coffee machines bean to cup should bring to the table?  

    We evaluated a representative group of coffee machines bean to cup and graded them using our specific criteria. The following factors were identified.  

    Material quality  

    Whether metal or plastic, the general rule of sourcing the best coffee machines bean to cup has a lot to do with.  

    How easy it is to use  

    How effective are the mechanisms and how useful are the instructions given?  

    Grind consistency  

    Does it handle the entire coffee bean effectively?  

    End results   

    The quality and taste of coffee, namely freshness, cream content, extraction and flavour strength.  

    Additional features  

    How many additional characteristics are given, such as temperature control and milk froth capabilities?   

    How many additional characteristics are given, such as temperature control and milk froth capabilities?   

    Water Container   

    Can you quickly refill the water chamber and how times do you have to do this?  

    Kitchen footprint  

    How voluminous is the coffee machine from bean to cup?  

    Facility to clean For long-term maintenance, we checked how often one should engage in surface cleaning or intense deep cleaning.  

    Value for Your Money  

    Can a reasonable return on investment be expected from your coffee machines bean to cup?  


    How quick it is to pack away if you would like to store your coffee machine in your cupboard instead of leaving it out.  

    Because of their success and their performance in barista, many people are claiming that the best coffee machines bean to cup maker is the best coffee maker in the United Kingdom. 

    As you may have noticed, a lot of forethought needs to go into sourcing top quality coffee machines best to cup for 2020/2021. Besides, you want to impress your friends and family whenever they come over for a cup of coffee, latte, or cappuccino. There should be no inconsistencies in any way.

    These coffee machines bean to cup we reviewed over here will serve your best interest for years to come and will result in countless cups of hot coffee for you and your loved ones drinking pleasure. Make the most of your time together by means of a well deserved cup of coffee and upbuilding conversations with friends and family, even if it is only virtually due to lockdown regulations.


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