Best Woks Reviewed

Written in 2024
by Adam

    When cooking Chinese cuisine, a wok is a powerful tool to have, especially if you consider how useful it is for stir-frying. Heat is spread uniformly, and less oil is required than you would use with a traditional frying pan. Woks are flexible as well: they can be used to deep fry, steam and smoke your food. These benefits make the cooking of Chinese food and other foods quicker. But it is necessary to purchase the right wok as it comes in all shapes: from flat and red woks to cast iron or carbon steel.  

    In Chinese, the term "wok" means "cooking pot", and the pans are being used for several cooking activities. Although woks are better associated with the preparation of stir-fries in the U.S., any food can be cooked in a wok that benefits from a central heat source and large, clear cooking area. This includes braising, preparing sauces, deep-frying, steaming, soups and more.  

    Woks typically have round bottoms and smooth, rounded sides, ideal for heating over a small flame quickly and evenly. Generally, they have extended grips that make it easy to shake them while cooking, often removing the need to stir at all. Some contemporary makes are equipped with lids that help to steam and finish food gently.  

    No doubt this raises some questions in your minds about woks and what you need to look for before buying one.   

    What is the best material for woks?  

    The most common material used for a wok is carbon steel. It heats up easily and evenly and becomes nonstick over time if washed and appropriately handled. Carbon steel woks are not as standard as they once were, as the need seasoning before you use it and careful washing is required in that you cannot just put in the dishwasher or make use of any old soap to clean it. The carbon steel also contributes to food flavouring, which some people find repulsive, while others agree it's properly seasoned.  

    It takes a little more time to heat the cast iron, but it absorbs heat very well. A cast iron wok must also be seasoned well before use, similar to a carbon steel wok, to help avoid sticking, although some are sold pre-seasoned. Much like carbon steel woks, if handled correctly, it too will turn nonstick over time. Cast iron tends to be formidable, which might make it hard to shift the wok. In such situations, to stir the food, a wok spatula can be used; it has a shovel-like shape, suitable for quickly and easily moving food around.  

    Woks made of stainless steel are becoming more popular. Although it takes time for stainless steel to heat, it has robust and consistent heat distribution. Traditionalists oppose stainless steel woks because they can be heavy and do not respond easily to changes in temperature as carbon steel woks do. However, they're durable and do not have to be seasoned. Stainless steel woks, like an aluminium core, are also paired with other forms of metal that enable them to heat up faster. Usually, they're even dishwasher friendly.  

    For the entry-level chef, Nonstick woks are a no-brainer: they don't have to be seasoned, so they're washable, do not use anything abrasive or a scouring pad. Nonstick woks should not be heated too high either, so it's difficult to sear meats and vegetables. Nonstick works like a charm when you embrace a low and steady pace, which some may say defeats the intention to use a wok, typically used at too high heats.  

    Following are some of the best-reviewed woks.


    Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel 12-Inch Wok Stir Fry Pan with Cover 

    Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel 12-Inch Wok Stir Fry Pan with Cover
    • Aluminum core between 2 stainless steel layers provides even heating for excellent browning and control of the cooking process. Non porous stainless steel cooking surface is safe for use with all...
    • Elegant brushed stainless steel exterior can go from the oven or stove directly to the table. Reflective cook surface makes it easy to monitor foods as they cook and remains beautiful over time
    • Clear tempered glass lids let you see food while it's cooking and are oven safe, so you can finish covered dishes in the oven or keep them warm until ready to serve

    What Users Love 

    • Lovely and practical design 
    • Equipped with a lid for steaming 
    • Oven and dishwasher safe 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • Would have preferred nonstick 
    • Hard to remove stains  

    Inside the dual layers of stainless steel, this 12-inch wok has an aluminium core, so it heats uniformly, enables faster browning, to be used on any cooktop, even induction. The outer surface consists of polished stainless steel, and because it is stainless inside out, you can also use metal utensils in it without any trouble.  

    This best wok for 2020/2021 features a lid of tempered glass, so you could use it for steaming or other purposes, so you can look at what's cooking. The pan and lid for use in an oven so you can cook a dish in the oven, or heat it for serving. The pan is also safe for broiling purposes.  

    Inside and out, this wok features a flat bottom so that it can be used on any stove. It has boasted a long handle and one handle for your helper, so it is quick to use and easy to shift. Each mark, burn, and grease mark is visible after a good soak.   

    The Calphalon Triply Stainless-Steel Wok with its aluminium core heats up rapidly, intensely and evenly. It pays to consider premium cookware brands if you are searching for high-quality pans that also serve as woks. That is to say if you have any space left in your budget. This Calphalon promises stove to oven convenience, compatible with nearly any heat source, and even heating regardless of whether you hop, brown, sear, barbecue, snuff, or sautee. It has a sleek silhouette and glamorous stainless steel construction on its sleeve too.


    Joyce Chen Pro Chef Excalibur Non-Stick Wok Set

    Joyce Chen Professional Series 14-Inch 10-Piece Wok Set, Includes Carbon Steel Nonstick Wok Pan with Lid and Maple Handles, Tempura Rack, Utensils,...
    • This 10-piece flat bottom wok set is expertly engineered from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring durability and even heat distribution for great cooking results every time
    • The carbon steel wok allows for a multitude of cooking techniques, including stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming with the included tempura and dumpling racks
    • Comes in a complete set: Along with the spacious 14 inch wok carbon steel, this non stick wok with lid comes with essential wok pan utensils: tongs, rice paddle, cooking chopsticks, and a set of six...

    What Users Love

    • Handy tools included 
    • Heats evenly and speedily 
    • Convenient nonstick surface 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • Wok weighs a lot 
    • Handles tend to loosen after some time 

    This 14-inch wok blends conventional carbon steel with a premium, non-stick surface that is suitable for metal utensils so that there is no need to bother with a finely-coated wok. Oak, nylon, or silicone utensils, however can help prolong the nonstick surface's life. 

    The wok features a long wooden handle and a handle to assist in cooking that is both attractive and convenient. A domed lid is also provided. 

    This is perfect for a first-time user, as the bamboo spatula, six pairs of chopsticks, a steaming rack and bamboo tongs and bamboo rice paddling have all tools required, among them a tempura rack, a bamboo spatula. 

    Without abrasive pads or cleaners, this pot should be washed by hand. There is no need to wash it in a dishwasher.   It is not safe for use in an oven due to the wooden handles. 


    Lodge 35.56 cm Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok with Loop Handles 

    Lodge 35.56 cm / 14 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok with Loop Handles
    • Perfect for cooking generous quantities of your favourite stir-fries
    • Sturdy base is designed to keep the wok stationary when on the hob
    • Unique flat bottom promotes greater heat transference from the hob to the wok

    What Users Love 

    • Robust construction 
    • Ready to use as pre-seasoned 
    • No adapter required for flat bottom 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • Too heavy 

    Lodge is well known for its cast-iron parts that last a long time, which is no exception to this wok. This is a solid, heavy pot that holds heat very well and can help you reach the high-quality restaurant sear that is difficult to accomplish without some kind of high BTU flame. Like other woks, the Lodge has a flat bottom to ensure it possible to place it on a gas burner without the ring required for rounded woks. With a diameter of 14 centimeters, this wok is big enough to cook your favourite meals for a group of people. Since cast iron needs seasoning to preserve its surface, this model comes with 100% vegetable oil pre-seasoned surface – you just have to maintain it.  

    The wide handles allow for easy transportation and maneuverability, but you have to keep its temperature in mind at all times as they are also cast iron. It is also pretty big, weighing in at almost 11 pounds, so if you intend on using it regularly, it could be a little frustrating to pull it out when needed. That said, Lodge pans are relatively cheap and function like it should. 


    Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Ultimate Pan

    Anolon 82031 Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Saute Purpose Pan with Lid, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass and Silicone, Graphite Gray
    • The pan?s heavy-duty, hard-anodized construction provides quick and even heat distribution to help reduce hot spots that can burn foods
    • Premium-quality nonstick is long lasting and metal utensil safe with superior food release and effortless cleanup
    • The pan?s Anolon SureGrip handle is designed for a comfortable grip, dual riveted for extra strength and oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

    What Users Love  

    • Utilitarian design is ideal for various kitchen tasks 
    • Durable and lightweight due to hard anodized aluminium base 
    • Metal utensil safe 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • Sides are sloped which minimizes one’s cooking area 

    Although Anolon's Ultimate Pan does not seem to be a wok, it is functional for everything that a wok represents. The hard-anodized aluminium base, heats quickly and is lightweight, but still strong due to the inbuilt carbon steel and cast iron. Metal utensils can also be used. We appreciate the huge cooking area, which reminded us of the casseroles that we used to use, but also that we can shake it easily: the handle is slip-proof and easy to carry.


    Ken Hom Classic Non-Stick Wok, Carbon Steel, Black, 31 cm

    Ken Hom Carbon Steel Wok, 31cm, Classic, Non-Induction/Wooden Handle/Flat Base Pan, Includes 1 x Chinese Wok Pan, KH331001
    • A lightweight carbon steel wok finished with a two layer non-stick coating designed for stir-frying at high temperatures. Coated inside and out To provide a robust sealed coating for long-lasting...
    • The flat base ensures the wok is well-balanced so doesn't topple over when sat on the hob. It is also suitable for cooking on Gas, Electric and ceramic
    • Made from 1.4mm gauge carbon steel which offers great heat conduction making it ideal for high heat, High speed cooking - essential elements for stir-frying

    What Users Love

    • Quick and very easy to clean 
    • Lightweight 
    • Value for money 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • The nonstick surface wears down over time 

    This pre-seasoned cast iron wok provides users with the strengths of cast iron, including a lightweight structure. If you are preparing fried rice, fajitas, or stir-fry, it's big enough to cook dinner in one single batch but much lighter than conventional cast-iron woks, so that's easier to lift and store. This model is available with stainless steel handles, but also with wooden or Bakelite handles.

    You can start using the wok immediately because it has been pre-seasoned, but with the extra seasoning and use the surface becomes even more nonstick. You should wash this wok by hand.


    Tefal Precision Plus StirFry Pan 28cm-Black

    Tefal B3431942 Precision Plus StirFry Pan 28cm-Black, Aluminium, 28 cm
    • Easy Plus coating provides durable non-stick performance
    • Thermo-Spot marking turns full red when the pan reaches the ideal temperature
    • Comfortable ergonomic grip for easy handling

    What Users Love 

    • Durable non-stick performance 
    • Ergonomic grip for easy handling 
    • No scratching or sticking 
    • Multi Hob compatible 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • May have to tighten the handle every now and again 

    Our easy-to-use, non-stick cookware makes yummy meals which are thanks to the innovativeness of Tefal Precision Plus.  

    Owing to our famous thermo-spot heating predictor, you'll never have to worry about under or overcooking your food again. This smart Thermo spot applied to all Precision Plus cups ensures that you cook every meal perfectly when your pan is at optimum temperature.  

    The durable, non-adhesive coating of Easy Plus means that your food won't slide and your pans will not scratch over time. These pans are often externally non-adhesive, making them extremely easy to clean – either yourself or in the dishwasher. They are compliant with all hobs, excluding induction, and are made of lightweight aluminium with comfortable handles.  

    Tefal Precision Plus is the optimal cooking solution for newbies to ensure that delicious food is cooked to perfection. Tefal Precision Plus, made from high-quality materials for everyday use, has advanced features that combine to make cooking experience easier and quicker. The Thermo-Spot Unit is your trump card to prepare and cook at the optimum temperature, with impeccable results. The lasting, easy Plus non-binding coating provides longer non-stick efficiency, while the ergonomic handle offers a more friendly grip.


    Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered

    Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom)/731W88
    • Round Bottom Heavy 14 Inch 1.8mm carbon steel wok, commercial grade. Original design by Craft Wok since 2014, proven quality over the years. Traditional chinese wok pan with round bottom.
    • Not suitable for flat electric or flat induction stove. Carbon steel wok may rust. Do not forget to season it before use! Instructions for easy seasoning are included with the wok. Our customer...
    • Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. This wok is the proven choice of many professional Chinese chefs. Wok weight: 2.1 kg. Heavy and sturdy.

    What Users Love 

    • Wooden handle features non-slip grip 
    • Sturdy and durable structure 
    • Produces easy and healthy stir fries 
    • Hand hammered in China 

    What Users Do Not Like 

    • Wooden handle might become a bit creaky after many uses 

    This is a fantastic kitchen tool. You may have cooked with a wok for years, but this one is the Rolls Royce of woks. It's heavy, sure, but it's heat-radiating, without resorting to hotspots. Also, now I would suggest to go round bottomed for woks: much better distribution of heat. The effect of cooking is faster, which is also fresher. Let's admit, it is certainly worth paying for a wok rather than settle for alternatives. 

    This wok includes simple instructions for seasoning the wok before using. When seasoned, it heated up within a flash and allows one to toss and mix and heat up without having to worry about the artificial non-stick coating. 

    Really easy to clean, even when you've have made satays or other fun meals, all you need is some water and a cloth afterwards. 

    The Wok's main function is to 'stir fry' — quickly fry and constantly stir on a thermal pot. However, the wok pot may also be used when preparing various soups as a vessel for deep frying food in hot oil. It is also suitable as a smoker and a steamer. The steel wok can be carried outdoors and impress friends with amazing Chinese dishes. 

    Remember a carbon steel wok still needs to be seasoned! Guidebooks can also be found on the internet and on when you get your wok. 

    Kitchenware with carbon steel must be seasoned and preserved in order to prevent rusting. Tip: Always dry and keep the wok oiled, particularly after washing. 

    Round bottom: not ideal for a flat electric oven. 


    How Would You Season a Wok?  

    Before you cook with a cast-iron or carbon steel wok, you would have to season it to ensure the food doesn't stick. This is how you do it:  

    • Scrub the wok off to extract any machine oils before you use it for the first-time using soap and water. (These oils help stop rusting when in transit)  
    • For 10 minutes heat the wok. The colour may change during this period, but it's natural!  
    • Use a hand towel or dry paper to rub smoke point oil such as vegetable or canola oil only after the whole wok is very hot.  
    • Remove any additional residues and let the wok heat for five minutes. It'll probably change more colour throughout this period, but it's natural.  
    • Allow the seasoned wok to cool completely.  

    How to Use Your Wok the Right Way  

    • Use high-smoke oils, such as vegetable, canola, grapeseed, or corn that can withstand high stir-frying heat.  
    • Heat the wok before the oil is added to it. Do not heat any oil before you heated the wok: it takes a little while for woks to heat and the oil might burn.  
    • When you sprinkle it with any water droplets, a wok is fully warmed up, and they disappear quickly.    
    • Cut the ingredients into bits, including small ones. The smaller the bits, the faster they cook; for stir-frying, long thin strips are common.  
    • Add the component to the surface of the wok in groups to achieve an intense sear. Then before adding more, push them towards the side.  
    • To toss components into a wok, make use of a tumbling motion, or use a wok spatula. 

    Flat or Round Bottom  

    Modern, round-bottomed woks are intended for use with a special stove fitted to cradle a wok with a burner. Although sending heat to the sides of the wok, this configuration produces a hotspot at the bottom and also enables the smooth scooping movement to stir components through. You would be more likely to have restaurant-style outcomes if you opt for a round-bottomed wok, but you will also need a special ring to allow the wok to be held by your burner. Choose a flat-bottomed wok if it seems like a hassle-as this configuration will sit directly on your current cooktop without any special considerations necessary.  

    The Proper Heating Capacity  

    Restaurants specializing in wok cuisine sometimes cook at temperatures higher than you can attain when using a home stove, so a standard carbon steel wok can certainly stand up to high heat in your range. Stainless steel and cast iron can also withstand very high temperatures. To check the cooking range of your wok, double-check with the manufacturer. Nonstick pans often don't do so well in very high heat (e.g., anything above 450 degrees will start to destroy the Teflon), so you should pick a pan with a higher temperature threshold if you are trying to achieve a restaurant-quality stir-fry. 


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