Best Carving Knives

Written in 2024
by Adam

    All you'll need for most kitchen tasks is a chef's knife to get your project completed. However, there's other types of knives that will do a fantastic job for the mission at hand.

    It can be a turning point to use the best carving knife. These styles of knives are used to cut large amounts of meat and roasts quickly. Although most of your chopping and cutting may be done with a chef knife, a carving or slicing knife would allow you to perform precise cuts on bigger chunks.

    While most carving knives and slicing knives are interchangeable, they are made for specific tasks. The slicing knife is the same as a fillet knife in that it is also bulky. The blade is very robust, and there is usually good blade retention on the tip. The blade is commonly pitted all the way down when slicing through dense meat to help release juices. This helps to clean but also cut the meat. To help avoid unwanted piercing of the meat, the end of the blade is rounded.

    In the manufacturing context, carving knives are comparable to a chef's knife. The knife has the same overall look, but the blade is longer, and the depth is thinner. The blade can be pitted at times to help make accurate cuts too.

    To cut cold deli meats, pastries, bread, and baked hams, a slicing knife is used. Carving knives are used to cut turkeys, ducks, barbeque brisket and other meats on the bone. Each of these knives can perform the same function.

    What we will do over here is to cover what you need to be aware of when buying either a slicing or carving knife. We will also review some of the top models available right now so you can make an informed decision on the best carving knives for 2020/2021. 

    The Right Way to Choose the Best Carving Knife

    When opting for the best slicing or carving knife, you will go about it the same way when choosing any other knife. However, only the best construction and quality of materials will be good enough for you or anyone who loves getting involved in meal preparation. On top of that, more is involved in deciding which knife to get. You're going to have to determine which elements of the blade are going to work better for you.

    Knife Design and Construction

    Just like any other knife, you will want to have a solid build to ensure the blade will not only last forever but also live up to its potential.

    The basic wants and needs for both knives are the same. You will want to have a handle on the blade that is comfortable in your hand. Also, a full tang that retreats into the handle, mounted with three or more rivets will ensure the knife will last a long time. This also adds quite a bit of added durability.

    You will need to have sturdy construction to ensure the knife will stand the test of time.

    For both knives, the core demands are much the same. You'll want a secure handle and a full tang that moves back into the handle as it provides quite a bit of extra longevity as well.

    Follow along as we take a closer look at the best carving knives for 2020/2021.

    Tuo Carving Knife 12"

    TUO Slicing Knife 12 inch Meat Carving Knife Sashimi Knife Long Bread Knife German High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife with Full Tang Pakkawood...
    • 【SUPER SHARP KNIFE】The carving knife for meat is made of high-quality stainless steel X50CrMoV15 from Germany, and each blade is hand-polished at an angle of 14 degrees by a craftsman with more...
    • 【STRONG AND DURABLE】 The meat slicer knife are forged and hardened to enhance hardness and wear resistance. With HRC 58 ± 2 Rockwell hardness. And excellent sharpness retention, only needs...
    • 【COMFORTABLE HANDLE】This is a meat knife that combines maneuverability, comfort and stability. The handle is made of elegant Pakkawood wood and is ergonomically designed to fit your hand...

    The Best Carving Knives for Smaller Roasts

    The 12" of this NSF certified german steel is fantastic for the smaller birds and meats, so the smaller blade will allow you more control whilst cutting, especially important for new chefs!

    This knife is sure to impress your guests too, and make sure you look like a professional whilst cutting into the family dinner, the sleek finish and the included sheath make it a beautiful looking addition to the kitchen.

    You may think of it as a single piece of forged high-carbon steel that is made up of the tang (the metal that is hidden runs across the length of the handle), and the bolster (the collar, the thicker piece of steel seen between the blade and handle).

    The fine-edged of the blade is hollow-ground, meaning that on both sides it has a sequence of indentions down the length of the blade; they keep food from sticking to the edge, allowing thinner slices.


    • The weight during handling is just right and results in a solid feel
    • A thin blade edge with a beautifully tapered tip


    • For the larger meats it may struggle

    The Bottom Line

    This is an excellent carving knife for the price if you typically prepare smaller sized animals but if you're looking to appease a large crowd, you may struggle.

    KOI ARTISAN Proffesional Craving Knife 

    KOI ARTISAN Meat Carving Knife - 7.7 Inch Razor Sharp Blade - High Carbon Stainless Steel Japanese Knives -Chef Knife Pattern Laser Etched- Perfect...
    • EXTREMELY SHARP BLADE: KOI ARTISAN chef knifes uses a high quality, high carbon content stainless steel that gives additional strength and extreme sharpness & makes it highly corrosion resistant.
    • ERGONOMIC WOOD HANDLE: Our everyday chef knife is designed with an ergonomic subtly curved Pakka Wood handle allowing, this razor-sharp knife a solid grip and maximum comfort while cutting.
    • ANTI CORROSION: Laser-etched Damascus steel pattern kitchen knives have brought a simply stunning appearance. Hence a simple wipe with a cloth is all you need to bring these chefs Knives back to life.

    Best Carving Knife for Turkey 

    Do you want a multi-purpose knife that does more than just carving while it will last longer? Then we have news for you. The Koi Artisan is perfect for cutting through all types of foods, which include fish, meat, fruit, and even veggies. There is no need to bother sharpening it often as it holds its own in staying sharp. What's more, you are looking at a knife that features anti-fade properties, and it's rustproof. 

    Multifunctionality and resistance, however, the eye needs its share. The nature of this knife is attractive and stylish, fully reflecting the Japanese style. Finally, it guarantees a firmer grip and is perfectly balanced.

    The quality of this best carving knife is incomparable—something everyone should have in their kitchen.


    • The knife has high wear resistance, hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance
    • The slimness of the blade ensures a faster cutting experience
    • Overall, this knife is well-balanced and easy to cut almost anything
    • Very easy to clean, will not break, durable and hygienic to work with


    • Might be a bit heavy for some users, quite large

    In summary, the Koi Artisan knife is a professional carving tool that is viewed favourably by all, and you can look forward to an enjoyable cooking experience anywhere at any time. 

    Chef Knife, PAUDIN 8 Inch Kitchen Knife

    PAUDIN Chef Knife, Kitchen Knife 8 inch Professional, Ultra Sharp Chefs Knife with Long Lasting Blade, High Carbon Stainless Steel Chopping Knife,...
    • Anti-Rust & Durable: Each chef knife is crafted from high carbon German stainless steel with 16-18% chrome and 0.6-0.75% carbon, making the stainless knife rust-resistant and wear-resistant. Also, the...
    • Sharp & Precise: Sharpness is the key to a kitchen knife. The meat knife has a 2mm thick blade and a sharp 12–14° v-shaped double-beveled edge for precise cutting tasks.
    • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle: The handle of the sharp knife is made of the heat and moisture-resistant pakkawood that will not be warping or splitting. The ergonomic handle can fit both hands properly,...

    Best Multi-Functional Carving Knife

    This is one of those knives that gives one a sense of superiority. Both in the kitchen and the restaurant. Not sure if one can put it down to the fact that the Paudin is considered one of the best carving knives for 2020/2021, but it sure does a sterling job of slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing through vegetables, fruits, and various meat varieties. 

    Something about PAUDIN worth mentioning is that they are known for delivering superior quality carving knives and do their level best to build appealing products.

    Right from the handle to the blade, this knife ensures a solid grip and exceptional carving experience like no other. Furthermore, it is wide enough to ensure your food stays intact. The blade is very sharp and remains that way even when you cut through ribs. The PAUDIN has what it takes to handle any kitchen or restaurant task. As a word of caution, do not use the knife as a can opener. 

    These guys genuinely deliver outstanding quality. It sure is a nice touch that PAUDIN includes a polishing cloth so you may remove any water stains that may remain once you washed the carving knife.  


    • The knife is sleek and sharp as well as very easy to handle. 
    • Very lightweight yet comfortable and robust enough to take care of multiple tasks
    • Effortless wash up, be sure to keep an eye out for the sharp blade. 
    • The blade is durable and long-lasting
    • The ergonomic design of the handle ensures effortless cutting and carving


    • Slight stains might be visible when you wash the knife

    Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

    No products found.

    Best Straight Edge Carving Knife - Excellent Work Horse

    Although this knife is not necessarily the best choice for slicing purposes, it sure packs a punch in any commercial setting where people are required to work with a knife all day. 

    What is nice is the 12-inch blade that is pitted to ensure all the juiciness of whatever you're busy cutting is released. This way, you can be assured of a faster cutting experience. 

    Just take a look at the useful features of the Victorinox to get an idea of why kitchen Johnnies rave about its capabilities.


    • Rounded tip with long straight edge blade maximizes one's cutting surface
    • The stainless-steel blade is ice tempered for sustained sharpness
    • Less of an edge that ensures sharpening is a breeze
    • Produces thin and uniform slices every time
    • Works like it should whether you're left-handed or right-handed


    • Fairly weighty and incredibly sharp, which is a problem for some people
    • An extra storing case would've been nice

    Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

    No products found.

    Best Value for Your Money Carving Knife for 2020/2021

    This carving knife is possibly rated as the best value for money for this year and the one to follow. It sure is nice knowing you won't break the bank when you get yourself one of these as you'd be presented with a lot of valuable features. 

    Then again, do not overlook the fact that ZWILLING is known for making knives that are incredibly durable, outstandingly sharp, and also corrosion-resistant. This particular model is made from high-carbon stainless steel to ensure extra strength. Couple this with the fact that it boasts asymmetrical cutting edge and exceptional stability, and you have yourself a carving tool that will stay as sharp as the day you got it. 

    What you'll love is the ease and smoothness you will experience when you cut and chop crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs. Give it a try; you will be glad you did. 


    • The cutting edge is symmetrical which ensures a safe yet accurate cut
    • Has a finger guard to prevent any accidents
    • Extremely easy and comfortable to grip
    • Back of the blade is polished and very smooth to the touch


    • Can be a bit heavy and takes it toll on you when used for extended periods

    DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife Gladiator Series

    DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife - 12" (30,5 cm) - Granton Edge - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel - G10 Handle - Sheath Included - NSF Certified
    • Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
    • Incredibly razor sharp slicer, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand polished edge at 14-16 degrees per side. Fexlible blade techology ensures de-boning, preparing, filleting,...
    • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Featuring a beautiful, ergonomic and ambidextrous G10 Garolite handle with mosaic and engraving. The triple riveted...

    The Perfect Butcher Type Carving Knife

    These are the type of knives that resemble remarkable craftsmanship, incredible design features, one-of-a-kind technology, and are manufactured from premium materials. It sure is a steal at this price. 

    Did we mention that the DALSTRONG range is revered for its super sharp slicing capabilities? The hand-polished edge angled at a mere 14 to 16 degrees deserves a medal. Indeed it has something to do with this carving knife's versatility to take care of multiple kitchen tasks such as preparing, de-boning, skinning, filleting, trimming as well as butterflying. Incredible to say the least. Purely satisfying.

    A real standout for any chef is the luxurious black pakkawood handle that is triple-riveted to extra comfort. It sure is the tool for any professional in a busy kitchen. 

    Most of you will undoubtedly appreciate the countless hours of testing and thought put into making a masterpiece like this possible. 


    • Cuts through all types of meats without shredding or tearing to deliver uniform larger cuts
    • Easy to clean, ensuring lower maintenance
    • Stain-resistant thanks to added chromium
    • Incredibly durable as it is perfectly tempered
    • Pakkawood handles imported from Spain for superior refinement and elegance


    • The knife may chip or break when dropped

    One thing that can be said about Dalstrong is that they are out to cause a stir in the catering industry with the type of tools they deliver to chefs all around the world, who have come to trust and rely on the exceptional quality and fantastic value.

    Zelite Infinity Slicing Carving Knife - Comfort-Pro Series

    Zelite Infinity Slicing Carving Knife - Comfort-Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knives X50 Cr MOV 15 >> 12" (305mm)
    • ✅ BEST IN CLASS >>> Razor Sharp, Visually Stunning, Minimal Slicing Resistance, Satisfying Heft, Premier Carving – Slicing Knife, an ideal Gift for any Home or Professional Cook. 12-inch...
    • ✅ QUALITY GERMAN STEEL COOKWARE >>> ThyssenKrupp High Carbon Stainless Steel – Top Lasting Elite Performance, Non-Stick, Rust, Corrosion and Stain Resistant Therefore Low Maintenance for You!...
    • ✅ EXTREME COMFORT >>> Full Tang, Ergonomic, Forged Rounded Black Handle, Rare Tapered Bolster which is Ideal for the Chefs preferred Pinch Grip Style of Cutting, Perfect Balance Offering...

    The Best Pro Carving Knife Around

    These are one of those carving knives that are not only visually stunning but also razor-sharp, features a satisfying grip and puts a smile on many a professional chef's face as it makes them look good in front of their patron's thanks to the premier carving capabilities of the Zelite brand. 

    It is just perfect for slicing all cuts of meat, ranging from poultry, steak, fish, turkey, hams, brisket, beef, salmon, and a host of barbeque meats. 

    The non-stick and stain-resistant materials of the Zelite carving knives ensure a lasting performance at the best of times and even when things are not going so great during instances where everything seems to go wrong for the cook of the moment. Having one of these knives prove to be his or her saving grace. 

    It has never felt so good to slice or carve your way through tough meats when armed with one of these knives. 

    Do not forget the untold features that are hardly ever mentioned by top chefs who use the Zelite pro series. Some of these include pinch like grips, perfect balancing, which is nice to have when you are juggling multiple kitchen duties. Prep work is a real breeze and pleasure to cope with. 

    Pro chefs can take their skills to a whole new level thanks to the Zelite carving knives that do a sterling job of cutting through the toughest of meat cuts. 

    Whether it is a wedding you're attending, or you are tasked with the job of getting someone a Christmas gift, you can be assured of the fact that the recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

    Great for working with cured meats, the Zelite Pro Series ensures precision so you can serve the perfect slices. This impressive carving tool is ideal for outdoor cooking as well. 

    Regardless of whether you have thin or thicker meats to slice through or even if you're left-handed, the Zelite is sure to impress. 


    • Razor-sharp and well-balanced. Extremely easy to slice through all types of meats effortlessly. 
    • Rust-resistant and extremely durable
    • Black ABS handle feature a robust bolster to ensure perfect balance at all times.


    • The Carving Knife is super sharp, and you need to be extra careful when you first use it.

    Points to Consider When Choosing a Carving Knife

    Which is best when it comes to blade construction? Should you opt for stamped or forged?

    Clean and smooth cuts where you find the juices of the meat stay intact without any tearing issues require greater flexibility. 

    However, blades that are too flexible and bend easily often lead to ragged and shaggy incisions. Stiffer blades can be hard to control and veer away from the cutting plane. 

    On the other hand, stamped blades are a lot lighter and have greater flexibility as opposed to forged knives. Also, they are less labour intensive and fewer materials are needed to manufacture these. Therefore, they are less pricey. 

    A stamped version of excellent quality can have the same stain, corrosion and resistance to oxidation as a forged type, and yet not have the same strength properties or stability at the tip.

    For carving and slicing purposes, however, adequately made stamped knives will have the cutting edge strength and sharpness necessary to cope with regular use.

    What Length is Ideal for the Best Carving Knife

    It is best to pay attention to the right blade length when choosing a carving knife. Most of these will range from 8 to 14 inches. 

    Shorter blades are not fit for carving through larger cuts of meat. You'll find they have to be inserted to the hilt. On the other hand, very long ones are unwieldy and uncomfortable to handle. 

    It is best to ensure you opt for the right length blade that is the same size as the roast you want to carve. 

    Why Carving Knife Handles Matter

    Stamped blades usually feature polymers that are lightweight to keep the knife agile and airy. What is great about this is the non-slip grips that ensure ergonomic comfort. 

    Handles, featuring forged blades can be constructed using polymers too. Although, they would have to be denser to make provision for the full tang. Other materials used for forged knives include wood, steel, and composites made of resins and epoxy. 

    Ensure you opt for handles that have a bit of texture, so it doesn't slip out of your hand. Choose one with a finger guard if possible to prevent getting in close contact with the cutting edge of the blade. 

    Carving Tips to Remember

    Contrary to what some cooks might believe, the proper way to slice through meat is across the grain and not along with it. This way, the fibres will remain in one piece. 

    When you slice right across the grain of roasts or any other meat, it will go through the fibres of the muscle and result in tender and delicious portions. 

    To ensure precise cuts that are uniform, you should hold the knife at a certain angle for every stroke. It sure helps to make use of a carving fork as it offers sufficient stability to prevent roasts from rolling around. 

    Medium to medium-rare roasts is a lot easier to carve than well-done portions. It is even better when you cut through thinner pieces as they are usually quite tender. 

    Roasted meats need to cool off for at least 15 minutes once you've taken it from the oven so the juices may settle. Only then should you carve it. 

    You might be planning to carve gammon or turkey for Christmas or even carve a brisket when you're having a backyard barbeque. Any of the knives we featured over here will do a fantastic job of doing the meat justice. 

    Ultimately, you want the best carving knife for 2020/2021 by your side during the festive season and beyond. Luckily, there are all sorts of brands to make your selection from; some are a bit pricey but well worth it in terms of value, durability and quality.

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