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Written in 2024
by Adam

    Regardless of whether you are a seasoned vegetarian, vegan, or love stir-frying experiences, to find the best frying pans this year or the next one is imperative if you want an unforgettable cooking experience. To make life easier on yourself, it is highly recommended you obtain at least one top-quality nonstick frying pan. Even better if you can get a set. Especially if you're tired of scrubbing pans or continually dealing with sticky omelettes, or potato rostis that do not have the delicious flavours it was supposed to have. Nonstick pans will be a real revelation by a fair margin.

    One of the most versatile items in your kitchen is the frying pan, also called a skillet or sauté pan: it is used for steaming and frying gyoza, searing steaks, or serving as a flat top grill for burgers and pancakes (and so much more). The choice of your ideal frying pan depends on a variety of factors, from the number of people you usually would feed to your maintenance requirements.

    You'll most likely find the best frying pans 2020/2021 for your kitchen among the ones listed. Suppose you need a nonstick pan to cook up a storm with sunny side up eggs or a cast-iron skillet to accommodate your camping endeavours. Look no further.

    You will find many chefs who stay well clear of nonstick surfaces, which is primarily due to the possible health risks posed because of high temperatures by heating nonstick, PTFE-based pans.

    But while you are best off to use a massive cast iron frying pan to sear steaks and beef, with a zero stick and a minimum of hassle, there is nothing quite like a Teflon-lined pan to knock up scrambled eggs and crepes. Furthermore, for most cooking activities, most nonstick pans today are incredibly safe to use. Therefore there is no need to concern yourself over chemicals.
    How to Choose the Best Frying Pan
    Many of you may have wondered whether it is advisable to opt for higher-priced frying pans or if any model will do just fine.

    There is no need to fork out a lot of cash to get a quality frying pan. However, be prepared to spend close to £20 to get a long-lasting and hardy frying pan. Some well-known brands easily reach values that exceed £50 or more.

    The surface, namely the material used that serves as the base of the frying pan is the secret to nonstick pans. Thin layers may break down very fast and may also have a lower tolerance for temperature. Higher - priced pans will also have tougher coatings, and if you're not too heavy-handed, some will even survive metal utensil usage.

    What is the Best Sized Frying Pan?

    Nonstick pans are made available in several sizes, each of which is perfect for various kitchen tasks. You will have a smaller frying pan for sausage and bacon; a bigger one for large omelettes and crepes. For paellas and risottos, you might even want a big, thick and taller-sided item.

    But for those who are beginning to fit their kitchen with premium cookware, a medium-sized pan, with a suitable height to avoid spillage, is an excellent place to start. As part of the kit, some also have optional matching lids and spatter guards that will make them more flexible and give you less of a mess to tidy up later.

    Here, alongside bite-sized reviews of our favourite frying pans, you'll find our guide to choosing the best frying pan 20220/2021. Your budget does not have to be a stumbling block, either, with rates starting from around £20.

    Tefal Extra Frying Pan, 26 cm - Black

    Tefal Extra Aluminium 26cm Non-Stick Frying Pan, Black, Made In France
    • Thermospot technology
    • Powerglide non-stick coating
    • Bakelite handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip

    The Tefal Extra pan is much more than cost-effective, considering its bargain price. You get Tefal's Thermospot Center, for instance, which shows when the pan is hot enough to begin frying. There's also a durable nonstick coating, which comes with outstanding blistering and peeling lifetime guarantee.

    On the outside, the frying pan is just as smart, with a solid aluminium body and a soft-grip bakelite handle. It is oven safe to 175 degrees Celsius and is ideal, but not induction, for gas and electric hobs.

    Best Features

    • Thermo spot technology
    • Nonstick coating features Powerglide
    • The handle is secure and comfortable to grip.
    • A 2 Year Guarantee covers lifetime guarantee and lids and the main body of the pan.
    • Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, 26cm, Black
    Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, 26cm, Black
    • Made of aluminum that provides even heat conduction and prevents hot spots
    • Has a nonstick coating that makes flipping crepes/food release/cleaning easy
    • Handle is comfortable and stays cool; Lightweight for control and plating

    Crepe pans are a particular class of very low-sided frying pan, but you can probably use them for much more than crepes. They're perfect for pancakes or eggs, and any food that won't release a lot of moisture that might escape the low sides is excellent as a griddle pan for cooking.

    The pan is constructed of aluminium, so the crepes are lightweight for flipping, while the low sides make life simple to slip the crepes out of the pan if your style is not flipping. The surface of the nonstick means that crepes and other foods do not stick, whereas the aluminium absorbs heat uniformly to avoid burning and hot spots.

    This pan also has a soft-touch handle that during cooking is comfortable to hold and won't get heavy.

    For quicker cleaning, you may pop the pan in your dishwasher, but it is not compatible with induction and should not be used in the oven.

    Best Features

    • Nonstick coating ensures food release and flipping are an effortless procedure.
    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    • Excellent for use on ceramic, halogen, electric, and gas
    • Even heat conduction

    BergHOFF Gem Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

    BergHOFF Gem Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Frying Pan with Removable Handle, 24cm, Cast Aluminium, Black, 45 x 25 x 11 cm
    • With a removable handle that attaches and detaches with just one easy click.
    • Removable handle means you can place the pan in the oven to keep food warm and makes storage easy too.
    • Cast aluminium with ceramic coating. Suitable for all hob types including induction. Dishwasher safe.

    We will all have the perfect room for cookware in an ideal world, but most frying pans are tightly stuck in cupboards and drawers. This is not the case with a frying pan made from cast-aluminium.

    The innovative nature of the range incorporates easy-click removable handles, so you can store your pan almost anywhere, and also use it in the oven without handles and carry it directly to the serving table.

    The pan also sports a nonstick coating without PFOA, BPA, and PTFE, resembling a stylish look. It is useful for all forms of hobs, even induction, and is dishwasher-safe, although it is recommended for handwashing.

    Best Features

    • The removable handle makes it easier to place the pan in the oven to keep your food warm.
    • Suitable for use with all hobs, which includes an induction stove
    • Handle remains cool when cooking.
    • Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Ultimate Pan
    Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Ultimate Pan
    • HEAVY DUTY LARGE FRYING PAN: The ultimate pan's heavy duty hard anodized construction promotes even and efficient heating; the bronze nonstick exterior adds a timeless touch of style
    • HIGH QUALITY NONSTICK: Premium quality nonstick inside and out is long lasting and metal utensil safe with superior food release and effortless cleanup
    • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

    For shallow-frying chicken, for producing or trying to reduce sauces, and for braising, a deep skillet is useful, while capable of frying burgers, chops, or ribs.

    This pan's exterior is an elegant bronze colour, and the secure grip is colour-coordinated. The robust aluminium design gives even heating, and the pan is oven-safe to 400 degrees so that you can wrap up your food making in the oven then even use the oven-braising pan. It is also intended to handle the pressure required for your steaks to sear. There will be no impact on the nonstick interior from use of metal utensils, so you do not have to think about identifying the perfect spatula.

    The glass lid retains heat and steam and helps you to check the food while it is cooking.

    Best Features

    • Sloped sides make it easy for faster stirring or rotating of ingredients.
    • The shape of the pan is the same as a salad bowl for easy tossing of food.
    • Glass lid seals in the goodness of your food without losing moisture or heat.

    Stellar Rocktanium SP24 Frying Pan 24cm with Rock Hard QuanTanium Non-Stick Coating

    Stellar Rocktanium SP24 Frying Pan 24cm with Rock Hard QuanTanium Non-Stick Coating, Dishwasher & Oven Safe, Induction Ready Guarantee with 10 Year...
    • AWARD-WINNING PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FRYING PAN SKILLET FOR HEALTHY EATING - with ultrahard PFOA-free QuanTanium non-stick reinforced with titanium to stand up to almost anything and so slippery you can...
    • RIVETED STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE - curved shape that feels comfortable in the hand, a wishbone design to help reduce heat in the handle a loop at the end for hanging and rivets to ensure it never comes...
    • DISHWASHER SAFE AND OVEN SAFE - approved for dishwasher use and oven proof up to 240℃ to allow versatile cooking, finish off a dish, keep it warm or brown the top of omelettes, frittatas and gratins

    Stellar's Rocktanium frying pan is perfect for busy lifestyles and resolute chefs, with a scratch-resistant coating that is more robust than traditional nonstick. All this is attributable to the titanium-based PFOA-free layer, which allows frying and flambéing a cinch, combined with a sturdy aluminium frame for even heat distribution.

    A hollow handle of stainless steel already ensures the pan is easy to move about while staying sturdy. One notable feature is its distinctive interiors, compliant with all types of hob, including induction, as an appealing change from the regular Black. The pan also has a lifetime warranty for a dishwasher and oven that is safe up to 210 ° C.

    Key Features

    • Oven and Dishwasher Safe
    • Suitable for all types of hob and induction-ready
    • Lifetime Guarantee with 10 Year Nonstick Warranty
    • Stainless Steel Riveted Handle
    • Rachael Ray 87643 Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Set
    Rachael Ray 87643 Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Set/Fry Pan Set/Hard Anodized Skillet Set - 9.25 Inch and 11.5 Inch, Gray with Blue Handles
    • DURABLE FRYING PANS WITH EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: These fry pans feature durable hard-anodized aluminum construction that heats quickly and evenly
    • DISHWASHER SAFE NONSTICK: Fry pans are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and have long-lasting nonstick interiors for effortless food release and cleanup
    • OVEN SAFE: Oven safe to 400 F, this nonstick frying pan set is a great complement to many other items in the Rachael Ray collections

    Both an 11-inch and a 9 1/4-inch skillet are included in this pan kit, so you can have the best frying pan for the task at hand, whether you are preparing an egg or two for brunch, or frying a pack of bacon for the family.

    In any kitchen, the modern but rustic style would seem right. A warm espresso colour forms part of the nonstick interior. In contrast, the option of exterior colours suggests you will find the one that is right for your décorThese frying pans consist of aluminium to heat evenly and have an exterior that is made up of porcelain enamel that can support heavy use. For a firm hold, the handles include rubberized grips, and they are riveted for safety.

    The pans are oven-safe at 400 degrees but are not compatible with induction.

    Best Features

    • Safe for use in dishwasher
    • Sturdy frying pans with even heat distribution
    • Grippy handles that are dual riveted
    • Safe for use in the oven
    • Lifetime Warranty


    One of the most prominent questions often asked by frying pan users would be whether they can safely use metal utensils when preparing meals using nonstick pans?

    When stirring, tossing, shaking or turning foods, a critical aspect of using pans with nonstick coatings is to ensure that you use the correct utensils. The use of a spatula or wooden spoon, or even a more advanced silicon spatula, would reduce the likelihood of the nonstick coating being scratched or impaired. Metal tools can damage the nonstick layer, and the degradation can lead to the coating flaking off slowly.

    There is no known health risk associated with accidentally eating these tiny bits of coating in the unlikely scenario that it winds up in your meals; the chemicals involved do not decompose in the human digestive tract.

    However, given a choice, that's something we'd suggest avoiding regardless. Buy a suitable pan and the proper utensils, and you're never going to have to think about them. If you don't like the concept of some coating, you can always settle for a professional iron pan-you'll that would take a lot of work to destroy.
    What about health issues to do with PTFE-based coatings?
    Not everyone is a PTFE fan. There are no complications with high temperatures with ceramic-based nonstick coatings, but PTFE-based layers may start to break down when the temperature rises above 260C or 500 Fahrenheit. If you make the mistake of heating them above 350 C/660 F, they may also emit tiny quantities of toxic fumes.

    Tests consistently show when preheating empty frying pans (something that many manufacturers warn against with nonstick pans) or when cooking steaks or burgers at high heat. It is only possible to hit these temperatures, and you should probably cook those in a cast-iron skillet instead. However, things such as stir-fries, eggs, or bacon are genuinely perfect, and unless you have the hob set too high, you would be extremely unlikely to surpass the recommended lower threshold of 260 ° C.

    Look to see if the production process is PFOA-free if you are going to buy a PTFE-based pan-this is a toxic material used in PTFE processing. While manufacturers say that any residue is burned off at the plant, most are now looking to quit using it.

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