Best Mandolin Slicers

Written in 2024
by Adam

    Chefs learn to slice food accurately and over time perfectly thanks to proper training. A few home cooks might know how to operate a knife with skill, but most of them don't have the same expertise as skilled chefs. Although uniform slicing can make food more presentable, it often shows that certain parts are not soft while others are chewy. A mandolin substitutes a knife to ensure perfectly even cuts. It is especially helpful to make super-thin cuts for potato chips.

    Some mandolins have additional blades to create wavy and waffle cuts, while some have blades to slice julienne strips. Many mandolins provide a food holder that acts as a safety handguard. Mandolin blades are sharp, and when performed briskly, the cutting is most effective. 

    If a food holder proves uncomfortable, some gloves can be bought for use with the mandolin that is cut-resistant. Some brands feature legs that keep the cutting surface at a comfortable angle (but they may typically rest with folded legs around a bowl). Hand-held versions are built to be used on a working surface, or they are used to collect the sliced pieces when laying down across a bowl. 

    Below are some of the mandolin slicers currently on the market.

    Benriner BN-1 Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer

    Benriner BN-1 Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer
    • MATERIAL The Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer is made from a sturdy plastic, with high quality, ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades
    • INTERCHANGABLE BLADES The vegetable slicer comes with a set three easily interchangeable blades, designed to produce fine, medium, or coarse julienne strips as well as regular slices. All blades pop...
    • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS Cut your vegetables to any thickness up to ¼ inch (0.63cm) using the easy-to-adjust screws on either side of the blade

    This is a slicer for anyone who has limited funds who wants a quality slicer at an affordable rate.  It might not be the highest quality of those on the list, but still it's manufactured using stainless, but it is on the cheaper side than some of the other products and provides a few different blade options. 

    The smart thing is that the blades – three different types – are interchangeable for whatever your preference is at that time. What is great about this mandolin is that the blades are straightforward to change, and it is easy to wash. 

    A bonus feature is the guard to protect yourself a little bit too, to prevent any nasty accidents or injuries.

    Chef’s INSPIRATIONS Premium V-Blade Mandolin Slicer

    Mandoline Vegetable Slicer, Mandolin Slicer V Blade Cutter, Julienne and Food Grater. Great for Onions, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Includes 6 Inserts, and...
    4,008 Reviews
    Mandoline Vegetable Slicer, Mandolin Slicer V Blade Cutter, Julienne and Food Grater. Great for Onions, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Includes 6 Inserts, and...
    • Reduce your food preparation time by up to 50% & get the perfect cut everytime time. With this V-blade mandoline cutter you'll spend less time preparing food and more time enjoying it... plus the...
    • Quick and Easy to use. Cut your fruit, potatoes and vegetables quickly and easily into uniform slices or julienne with the V-blade slicer. The 6 different interchangeable inserts allow you to create...
    • BPA Free, Safe to use and Easy to clean. Hand safety guard, protective blade sleeve, and cut resistant gloves included. Non slip design. Includes a blade caddy so you can store unused blades safely....

    One of the most extensive kitchen utensils that you can find is the Chef's Inspirations range. This is a tiny tool, which oozes efficiency. It features a fascinating and creative v-shaped blade function that allows one to accurately and efficiently cut a variety of different vegetables and fruits, with great ease.

    The package comes with no less than six inserts which you can connect to the v-section quickly and easily inserts mean cutting you can cut up to five thicknesses – from 1.5mm to 7mm. Furthermore, this model features a sleeve to store the inserts when they are not in use and a brush to clean them. Not the cheapest, but excellent value and great design, not at all costly.

    Primary Features

    • Grater
    • Six inserts
    • Cleaning brush
    • V-blade feature

    OXO Good Grips Chef's Mandolin 2.0

    OXO Good Grips Chef's Mandoline 2.0, Grey, 10.66 x 41.91 x 18.16 cm
    • Easily create precise slices for professional-quality results
    • Create up to 21 different cuts with thickness settings in 0.5-mm intervals, straight and crinkle/waffle blades, and built-in julienne and chip blades
    • Angled Japanese stainless steel blade

    Easy to use: straight, waffle and wavy cuts, larger French fry and julienne cuts are all the things that you would like a mandolin to be doing. There are a total of 17 different cuts that range in thickness from 1 mm to 9 mm, with intervals of a half mm. The blade for cutting hard foods like carrots and potatoes is straight, and the blade is stronger for bell peppers, tomatoes and onions. It is more appropriate for cutting. The cutting size can be changed by simply turning the knob.

    It is very clear from the get-go that this model is made to last. Couple this fact with the strong and stable legs and the handguard to ensure the user's safety, and you have yourself a winning mandolin slicer. 

    Primary Features

    • An indicator window displays thickness setting in both inches and millimetres
    • The non-slip and soft handle ensures a comfortable grip
    • Spring-loaded food holder boasts a wide enough rim to allow for storage underneath and protects one's fingers when slicing

    Bron Coucke Mandolin, Stainless Steel, Silver - Best High End Slicer

    Bron Coucke 20638CHB BR001 Mandiline, Stainless Steel, Silver
    • Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef'S Mandoline (Model #20638Chb)
    • Comes with three adjustable blades and adjustable lever settings
    • Many combinations for hundreds of varieties of cuts

    The Bron Coucke slices your vegetables in either straight, julienne, or wavy form. You can look forward to paper-thin or ½-inch thick cuts. Additional blades are made available so you can make julienne cuts in various sizes. It weighs 5 pounds, meaning it might be a little too big for people who favour something a little more compact. 

    The unit is very safe to use as the rides on rails and handguard are constructed from stainless steel. If you wish to create waffle cuts, then you cannot use the guard as you would have to turn your vegetable to make the second cut. Ensure you wear cut-resistant gloves to safeguard your hands. 

    Premium Features

    • Dishwasher safe, although it is suggested you clean it by hand
    • Features a pre-fitted slicing blade that is easy to replace
    • Excellent tool for commercial kitchens
    • Performs any slicing tasks quickly and flawlessly

    Once for All's Safest Mandolin Slicer with 4 Cutting Modes

    Once for All's Safest Mandoline Vegetable Slicer: 4 Cutting Modes & 40 Thicknesses to Slice, Dice, Chop, Julienne, Chip Veggies, Injury-Free Design,...
    2,860 Reviews
    Once for All's Safest Mandoline Vegetable Slicer: 4 Cutting Modes & 40 Thicknesses to Slice, Dice, Chop, Julienne, Chip Veggies, Injury-Free Design,...
    • ✅ COMPACT, SAFE, EASY-TO-USE MANDOLINE SLICER: Tired of spending too much time prepping veggies? Do you own a vegetable slicer that is ineffective or hazardous to use due to sharp, exposed blades?...
    • ✅ VERSATILE: Cutting vegetables into beautiful garnishes is now as easy as pushing a handle. With 4 different cutting modes (Slice, Strip, Julienne, Dice) & 40 variable cutting thicknesses (from...
    • ✅ UTMOST SAFETY: Slice, dice, chop or julienne vegetables & fruits by simply pushing down on the recoiled handle. Blades are all concealed for your utmost safety. No risk of hand injuries as with a...

    Do you have an unreliable or unsafe mandolin slicer because of sharp, exposed blades? The answer may be this mandolin slicer. It sets a new milestone in protection and flexibility with concealed blades, four different cutting modes, 40 adjustable thicknesses. It is not a standard mandolin slicer and can contribute tremendously as far as productivity is concerned.

    This makes the mandolin slicer the most effective on the market. It is also a chopper, dicer, potato chipper, and julienne slicer all in a small, secure and user-friendly kitchen tool.

    Premium Features

    • Useful container for collecting chopped foods
    • Blade guard to ensure your safety at all times
    • Five bonus recipes in eBook format
    • Perfect for busy moms, chef or cooks

    Mandolin Slicer Professional Vegetable Slicer Spiralizer - 6-in-1 Kitchen Mandolin Slicer

    Mandoline Vegetable Slicer - Mandoline Slicer Grater & Spiralizer for Vegetables - Mandolin Veggie Potato Food Cheese Slicer Veg Julienne Cutter -...
    • Greatest functionality on the market: 6 interchangeable blades meet all your slicing and grating needs whilst our spiralizers are perfect for zoodles, healthy vegetable pastas and gorgeous garnishes.
    • Compact and practical: Our vegetable mandoline slicer cutter can be fully disassembled with ease and means that worrying about storage and organization is a thing of the past. Plus this kitchen gadget...
    • Keeping you and your family safe: We know our stainless steel blades are high quality and razor sharp. Our set therefore comes with a fingerguard and protective glove to keep you safe whilst you are...

    Say hello to your new kitchen helper. You may feel like a fresh salad that requires a handy device that would slice through red or white onions quickly and effortlessly. This unique mandolin slicer offers endless possibilities in this regard with a large tray to catch your sliced fresh vegetables.

    It is not fun to deal with burning eyes while slicing through onions. How about some tasty zoodles for dinner time? You want a slicer that does all this for you and more. This device features six blades that accommodate all your needs. 

    Wouldn't it be great if you can have a slicer that offers a convenient way to delicious, healthy food that requires very little time to prepare? Using this slicer, you can be your own best chef. 

    Premium Features

    • Everything you need is in one place, organizer included
    • Extra durable unit with different sharp blades
    • Safety gloves included 
    • Large catch tray ensures no mess is left behind

    Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandolin

    Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer, Cutter, Shredder with Precise Maximum Adjustability
    22,932 Reviews
    Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer, Cutter, Shredder with Precise Maximum Adjustability
    • ?燦OBODY NEEDS ANOTHER FLIMSY KITCHEN GADGET or has the time to slave away with a knife. This is everything you need in one - with 5 interchangeable blades for slicing, julienne & grating & unlimited...
    • ?燘EST PATENTED DESIGN ? We designed the only knob-controlled fully adjustable mandoline slicer giving you more options than any of our competitors. They offer limited choices. We give you unlimited...
    • ?燞EALTHY EATING SHOULD BE EASY without breaking the bank. Great tools make it a snap, no matter the size of your kitchen or wallet. Health shouldn?t come with a hefty price tag. We know life is busy...

    The Mueller Austria Premium mandolin, like the Cuisinart as well as the OXO, is very similar to some of the more costly ones. The v-blade tends to cut a little better than the flat blades on other mandolins. The thickness adjustable is almost identical to the Cuisinart. The legs are robust, and the mandolin doesn't seem to be rolling much on the counter.

    I look forward to using this ripple cutter to make some waffle fries.

    Premium Features

    • The slicer is constructed of heavy-duty plastic
    • Easy to clean will not warp
    • Long-lasting even when you use dishwashing liquid
    • Super sharp blades that can be packed away in a sturdy plastic case when not in use
    • Adjustable knob eases the process of setting the device to ensure the ideal thickness

    What to Look for When Buying Mandolin Slicers

    Fixed versus variable thickness: The best mandolins are configured to just a single thickness which is nice if the thickness is the same. Only certain mandolins permit the thickness to be altered, but every time you use the unit, you will need to check it and adjust it accordingly.

    Extra blades: are you looking for something that will cut potatoes into chips, or do you want a product will do more than that? Some mandolins have julienne cutting blades or produce wavy clippings, as well as regular straight slices. Consider if there is a simple storage solution for mandolins so that you won't lose parts in your cabinet.

    Safe: The same as fine knives, several mandolin blades are washed by hand while others are entirely safe for dishwashing. However, even though your selection is safe for the dishwasher, you may want to clean your blades manually to minimize the possibility of injury on the laundry.

    Want the right Mandolin slicer for your kitchen? We know that you do, and that is why we've looked at the best in the industry, and we promise that the ones reviewed over here are well within your budget.

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    Written by Adam

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