The Best 10 Online Butchers in the UK

Written in 2024
by Adam

    In some weird and wonderful way, online butchers have become more popular than ever before. One of the key reasons why a butcher finds favour with consumers has to do with the fact that they offer fresher cuts than most supermarkets do.

    On this note, wouldn’t it be super nice if you could get all your meat from the best butchers in the UK right now? Besides, these guys do their level best to ensure they pack your order in special cold-pack boxes so you get your home delivered the way it's intended to be - fresh!

    It is especially useful to be able to place an online order for good quality meat cuts if you do not have access to a high street butcher locally. Another huge plus is the convenience of getting your favorite meat delivered directly from the butcher who promises only the freshest, and choicest cuts.

    Follow along with us as we discover the best 10 online butchers in the UK.

    10 - Farmison

    This butcher is known for having high-quality meat boxes with the finest accompaniments. They often present their customers with a special cuisine like offer where the customers get to save £10 on their first order placed online.

    It is not for nothing that they were awarded the Online butcher of the year on more than one occasion. The thing is their meat is sourced from top breeds that were raised in the UK and that is cut and butchered to order.

    What you will like about Famison is that they specialize in ensuring all portions they cut are the same size.

    There is a special surprise for customers of Farmison online orders in that they get more than they bargained for as the butcher packs in a little something extra than just the cut of meat the customer ordered.

    Their speciality is ‘three Sunday roast box’ or ‘breakfast in bed box’. These contain everything one could possibly need to accommodate specific meal times. They do a sterling job of meat cuts like chops, steak, sausages, roasts, and mince.

    Their chilled packaging is said to keep meat cool for up to 72 hours. They even deliver to Ireland and the Highlands for an extra fee.

    9 - Musclefood

    If you’re looking for bulk yet inexpensive deals on meat, then Musclefood should be your first stop online. They originally focused on high-protein snacks and sports supplements before they expanded and turned their attention to the online butcher market.

    They are regarded as the cheapest online butcher if you buy per unit. These guys specialize in bulk meat offers and multibuy. As an example, you can choose to buy a 5kg pack of chicken breasts that come in pairs, then choose between a small, regular, or large sized chicken breasts when placing your order.

    Other meats they stock include; sausages, steaks, and mince.

    People who are watching the waistline will be happy to know that Musclefood offers a super-lean version of bacon, mince, or any other meat cuts.

    They are well-known for doing hampers where one can mix all kinds of meat at a bulk price. Often, you will see adverts placed where Musclefood offer a buy two, get one free deal for hampers.

    They deliver throughout the UK, with the exception of some remote islands. Most deliveries are completed within 24 hours.

    8 - Donald Russell

    This online butchery in the UK is famous for its huge range of frozen fish and meat products. Donald Russell has the Royal Warrant for catering to the Queen of England’s need for poultry and meat. This is probably the key reason why they are honoured as Scotland’s Finest Butcher.

    Did you know that they were among the first online butchers in the UK? As a result, they are fairly well established in the home delivery market. Best of all is that their beef cuts are grass-fed and they cut everything by hand.

    Unlike other well-known butchers, Donald Russell ships their meat cuts in chill boxes, all frozen. This allows them to offer a much wider range of products than is made possible by other butchers. For instance, they also deliver pies, stuffed and bone roasts, and casserole alongside the traditional meat cuts.

    Surprisingly, they carry a good selection of Aberdeen Angus steak cuts and ready-made burgers. One can even buy fish if you want and make your selection from an extensive variety of seafood.

    Donald Russel has a much wider delivery scope as they also do deliveries to Ireland, Highlands, and the Channel Islands. They specialize in free deliveries in the UK mainland.

    7 - Rendalls

    If you salivate at the thought of Scottish meat and pies, then you should visit Rendalls online. Now we are talking about quality agriculture products as Scotch lamb and beef carry the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) stamp of approval. Top-notch foods like Melton Mowbray pork pies and Parmesan cheese receive the same accreditation.

    Two brothers are at the helm of Rendalls in Stirling. Besides the usual cuts like pork, chicken and steak, they also offer award-winning pies. These guys are loved by all. Maybe it has something to do with their lip-smacking good steak and Buckfast.

    Rendalls carry a variety of exotic meats like llama and zebra for the more adventurous. We are not sure if they still run their famous ‘fill a freezer for £70 'deal, but you can always get in touch with these two brothers to find out for sure.

    In terms of areas where they deliver their meat cuts, you will find them honouring their promise to deliver to all Islands, including the Highlands. Should you stay in the remote areas of Scotland, then you can expect a two-day delay before getting your delivery.

    6 - Riverford Organic

    If you are into everything organic and love a good plate of vegetables, then you will love what Riverford Organic stands for. They do a fantastic job of seeing to their customers' needs when it comes to organic veg boxes and organic meat boxes.

    Their produce is just about recipe ready as you get a combo or organic meat and veg delivered to your doorstep, which in our books prove to be a very convenient option.

    Riverford stock the best organic and free-range meat that is reared in good old Britain. Something you might like is the quick food selection they have. We are talking about items such as quick-fry steaks, beef fajita strips, and chicken mini fillets that you can cook in a half an hour’s time. Exceptional convenience for very busy people who are not quite ready to forfeit the idea of fresh cooking, but do not fancy the idea of spending hours preparing it.

    These guys offer a variety of sizes that cater to single people or a bulk option for a family. One can also opt for in-season produce to accommodate seasonal dishes.

    Delivery is free for boxes. It is best to confirm if Riverford Organic covers delivery to your area before placing your order as they make use of local people.

    5 - Primal Meats

    Paleo and ethical meat eaters will fall in love with Primal Meats as they are somewhat different to the other best butchers in the UK. You can look forward to nutrient dense cuts and eco-omnivore diets. What it means is that the meat they produce is sourced from some of the best welfare farms.

    What’s more, the animals are one hundred percent pasture raised. This is an exceptional option for those of you who favour a more ethical way of eating.

    Every piece of meat they have features its own unique QR code so one can trace the origin of the animal they used to the respective farm.

    Other wares you will notice are favourites like hogget, bone broth and goose. Their meat boxes are well thought out and will bring about a smile of approval. Deliveries are carried out weekly and offered at a flat rate.

    4 - Grid Iron Meat

    Look no further than Grid Iron Meat, if you’re after quality steak and hard to find meat cuts. It is not uncommon to come across grass-fed native breed steak that has aged for around 28 days. Nothing can beat its distinct texture and flavour.

    The variety of cuts are often hard to source. For instance, pork trotters, beef briskets, and so forth. This is where Grid Iron Meat sets themselves apart from other butchers in that they usually have stock of these.

    They also cater for the home smoker who love curing and smoking meats like pork shoulder. All their products are sourced locally from North Yorkshire. What their customers love about them the most is that they prepare the cuts the day before and then dispatch it the very next day, ensuring your meat is freshly butchered.

    Free delivery is offered within a given radius inside of North Yorkshire and free to the rest of the UK if you spend a specific amount. If you reside in the Islands of Scotland or the Highlands, then you need to check if they deliver to you as some postcodes are restricted as they are dealing with perishables.

    3 - The Great British Meat Company

    It is not hard to see why they are deemed as Britain’s go to online butcher. They consistently acquire excellent reviews across the board for their incredible prices, service, and the top quality of their meat.

    They are great if you’re looking for an inexpensive bulk deal. Customers who regularly freeze or keep a lot of meat in their freezer will benefit from this offer.

    Unlike most butchers listed over here, they do not involve themselves with specialist areas such as charcuterie, game, or other associated products such as pies. They are good for fulfilling your needs for regular purchases.

    Delivery is free if the order is within certain amounts in the UK. Exceptions would be the Highlands and Islands in Scotland.

    2 - Heartier

    Great for delivering locally produced meat cuts. They usually offer up to 20% off for first time customers. Heartier does ot just offer one type of butcher offering as their meat gets sourced from various hand-picked producers who call themselves everyone’s local farm shop.

    They have a much broader range than is made available by most butchers. An example of this is ordering a whole animal that would be separated into joints and cuts, ready to go into the freezer room.

    Heartier regularly runs unique offers on various types of meat. Therefore, it makes sense to stock up due to their competitive prices.

    Delivery covers most of the mainland in the UK, but not the islands or the Highlands.

    1 - Abel & Cole

    These guys are great for serving your needs as far as organic veg, organic meat, and other produce are concerned. They made a start in delivering organic vegetables, but expanded into other areas since then. Right now they also deliver organic fish and meat.

    This is an excellent way to experience a one stop shop online for multiple products. The choice of meat boxes they provide are usually customized to your specific dietary requirements. One can opt for a fish and meat combo, or veg and meat combo. There is no need to sign a contract as you may simply try out a box for just a week, or longer.

    Besides traditional pork, chicken and beef cuts, you may also opt for wild game like venison and muntjac, or even pre-marinated meats like garlic beef and chili stir fry strips. They stock mutton as well that is often harder to find.

    Customers of Abel & Cole may want to settle for a combo that consists of fish, vet, and meat boxes and make use of their bakery and pantry offer at the same time. This is way easier than looking for various types of high-street supermarkets that cater for organic produce.

    Delivery would depend on whether or not they have a designated driver in a given area. It is best to check their website as to which areas they deliver in. They mostly cover the mainland UK. As long as you adhere to a minimum order threshold.

    Written by Adam

    Adam is the creator of the SmokeGuys website, running it since 2016. Hater of coriander, lover of all things meat... Adam currently works in marketing with a dream of being able to make food his full-time 'job' in the longer term.

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