Meater Wireless Thermometer Review

Written in 2024
by Adam

    It is quite an art to experiment with all kinds of meat thermometers so you may be assured of the fact that your attempt at pulling off masterful cooking or grilling is a resounding success.

    You may have not so fond memories of times where you did not have the right equipment at hand and battled with probes and all kinds of wires everywhere. Onlookers would probably put it down to a science experience gone wrong. 

    All that is about to change thanks to the prospect of testing out a Meater Thermometer. It gets even better in that they are wireless, so you do not have to go down the same road of wires hanging around everywhere.

    Without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at the inner workings of one of these and how they can improve your BBQ cooking experience.

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    What is a MEATER Wireless Thermometer?

    To make a long story short, MEATER Wireless Thermometers are 100% wireless. The best part is that you would simply monitor what is happening on the grill from your iOS or Android smartphone using an innovative app. Now, that is what we call smart!

    Another really cool aspect of the MEATER is the dual temperature sensor that monitors the internal meat temperature for you. It can handle internal heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius and ambient temperatures of up to 275 degrees Celsius at the same time.

    You will be blown away by the fact that this one-of-a-kind wireless meat thermometer app guides you along all the way to ensure a perfect meal every time. 

    But wait, we have more good news! Thanks to the Advanced Estimator Algorithm feature, you can accurately estimate how long the cooking procedure will take while you’re having a chat with an old friend or loved one. It would be long before the timer notifies you it's time to move closer to your meat to see what a wonderful cook you are.

    What You Can Expect from the MEATER Wireless Thermometer

    At first sight once you opened up the neat little wooden container that hosted the thermometer, you may wonder how it can possibly help you cook an outstanding meal.

    Not to fret, the single probe with its two sensors and AAA batteries that are all included will soon put a big smile on your face once you’ve followed the easy to follow guidelines. 

    A really nice touch is the fact that the small wooden box you store the thermometer in acts as the charger. 

    Do not be fooled by the fact that this product is a single probe. Even though it is, the MEATER will do double duty just like dual probe thermometers.

    Unlike other thermometers that you need to hook up to a bulky transmitter, this particular model connects via bluetooth to your tablet or phone. 

    This way, you can easily control what it does through your MEATER app that takes you through your cooking plans and offers an estimate for when it will all be done.

    What You Will Like About the MEATER

    You can do more important things than watching your BBQ or meat grilling to perfection.

    The setup procedure is dead drop easy as you most certainly do not need to be a rocket scientist in any way. The app does it all.

    The fact that it is waterproof is a real bonus as you can have the thermometer hooked up to your meat dish inside a steam oven. It is super easy to do a roast too as you can leave the charging block outside the oven door to pair up wirelessly with the probe. However, do not attempt to submerge the unit into liquids.

    What You May Find Annoying

    The range of the bluetooth connection is limited to only 10 metres. That is to say if you want to use the grill or the oven. When you make use of a smoker, then your range is only 3 metres. 

    Putting all of the disappointment aside, what is truly impressive is that you do not have to struggle with wiring. Another thing! All is not lost when it comes to finding a work around regarding the range limitations.

    All you need to bring to the table is a spare smart device. More on that later!

    On the other hand, if you are keen to spend a bit more, you can always settle for the MEATER+ that already features an extended range that easily handles a distance of 50 metres. Now we are talking. With this kind of technology, life has just been levelled up to make room for a whole new world of cooking in ways unimaginable in times gone by.

    Now that your interest is piqued, it’s time to look a little closer

    Unboxing the MEATER Wireless Thermometer

    What a surprise once you get to unlock the best of this wireless thermometer, which is really easy as you flip open the small cardboard and discover a compact wooden probe holder. 

    On further inspection, you will learn the wooden holder is also your charging unit. We already touched on this earlier on.

    The specifications as you will soon find out is nothing out of the ordinary and what you would expect from a standard probe. 

    It is amazing to think that all the out of the box good technology is crammed into the tiny tip of the enclosed probe. Luckily the meat temperature is on your side to help protect it. 

    As long as the internal temperature is steady at no more than a 100 degree Celsius all will be fine. One shouldn’t cook at a higher temperature anyway. 

    The battery got your back in that it handles 24 hours before it calls for a recharge. But, as long as you leave lying or hanging in the box, you need not even worry about battery life. 

    We pretty much got it down pat with regards to the probe specs. Now, let us turn our attention to the Charger to see what it's made of.

    Charger Specifications

    • Does a great job of storing and charging the MEATER probe
    • Can be attached anywhere because of the magnetic backing
    • Charges the thermometer up to a 100 times with one set of AAA batteries
    • Matches wooden decor perfectly
    • Battery state is clear to see thanks to LED indicator

    How to Setup and Use Your MEATER

    From all the meat thermometers out there, this one will surely become your favourite. The moment you had your app from Google Play or Apple Stores installed, the app will guide you to show how to proceed with the pairing procedure.

    Ensure you remove the battery protector and allow the probe to charge for an hour before you start using it. 

    All you need to worry about is choosing your meat, presetting the desired temperature and monitoring the entire cooking procedure. 

    Here is a bit of advice should you run into range issues when using the MEATER for the first time:

    Ensure the exposed part of your probe is 2-inches away from the wall of the grill. 

    Try to prop the device up rather than letting it lie down or have it sitting in your pocket.

    When you lose connection, try to clean the probe using a clean sponge and some hot water.

    If all else fails, the resort to an extra tablet or phone so it may act as an extender. All you need to do is leave the spare phone close to the grill while you monitor the temperature elsewhere on your primary phone. Install the MEATER app on both phones. 

    Last but not least! Did you know that you can monitor up to 4 probes with the MEATER app? This feature is priceless as you may have more than one cooking session going on simultaneously. 

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    Written by Adam

    Adam is the creator of the SmokeGuys website, running it since 2016. Hater of coriander, lover of all things meat... Adam currently works in marketing with a dream of being able to make food his full-time 'job' in the longer term.

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