Best Sausage Stuffers 2021

Written in 2024
by Adam

    People from all walks of life love sausages. However, if asked, most of you would have previously told us you don’t care too much how sausages are made. The mere fact that it tastes delicious is enough for you. 

    That was yesteryear. Nowadays folks want to know down to the last ingredient what they are eating. You can be sure your local butcher won't be keen to share their recipe with you. 

    Luckily, there are plenty of sausage stuffers on the market you can make your selection from to start making your own. It is so easy to pull off. You just fill the casing of your sausage with your preferred ground meat recipes. 

    Check out our top list below and learn more about how to find the right machine to help you experience the best taste once you have the chance to experiment making your own sausages.

    KitchenAid Meat Grinder

    KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder, White (Optional Accessory for KitchenAid Stand Mixers)
    • Designed exclusively to work with all KitchenAid Stand Mixer Models - Simply attach to the multipurpose attachment hub powered by the stand mixer
    • Also used for mincing and grinding fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese.
    • Also used for mincing and grinding fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese.

    If you are a beginner sausage maker, you will love the KitchenAid meat grinder. Especially the handy attachments, which is a great way to start your sausage-making journey. 

    However, it is not the recommended route to take if you intend making loads of sausages when summer comes.

    You may already have a KitchenAid stand mixer, in which case the meat grinder would be a great addition. 

    If you choose to settle for the metal food grinder attachment, then you're in luck as it already features two sausage stuffing tubes. When choosing the plastic version, you'd have to buy the tubes separately.

    The plastic attachment ring provided secures the tubes to the grinder. Each tube consists of durable plastic, making the stuffer dishwasher safe. 


    • Perfect for making healthy meat and homemade fish recipes
    • It is a breeze to grind firm cheeses, fruits, veggies, and dry bread so you can make breadcrumbs with the latter.
    • Switching between the tubes is effortless as the handy attachment ring lets you unscrew it in mere seconds.


    • The instructions on how to make your sausage could have been a little clearer. 
    • It is not ideal if you want to get into the fast lane as you need to show a bit of patience as you can only stuff a bit of meat in at a time. 

    Hancher Manual Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer

    This top of the range Hancher model is originally a meat grinder, but comes with an accessory to make sausages, which means you know the contents of these sausages will be perfectly grinded and done with care and precision.

    This also means that using this model is quick and easy to make sausages, as it can grind the meat extremely quickly, as that was the original purpose.

    Using the model isn't just quick and easy, but so is washing everything afterwards too. A full stainless steel frame and parts make it dishwasher friendly!


    • Quality products, which you’ll experience from the moment your machine arrives in factory sealed packaging
    • Stainless steel structure and parts
    • Compact design for easier storage
    • Dishwasher friendly


    • Isn't designed to make sausages
    • High range means expensive

    Butchers Sundries Sausage Maker

    Butchers Sundries Heavy Duty Electric Meat Mincer Grinder and Sausage Maker | Includes 3 Sausage Making Attachments | 3 Heavy Duty Cutting Plates and...
    • ELECTRIC MEAT MINCER - The Butchers Sundries Mincer and Meat Grinder allows the home enthusiast to create their own mince meat, sausages and burgers in no time. This machine is designed for domestic...
    • POWERFUL AND EASY OPERATION - Features a 1800 Watt copper motor at peak output and is an easy, reliable and affordable way to grind and mince your own meat. A user guide is provided for ease of use...
    • 3 STAINLESS STEAL CUTTING PLATES - Ideal for creating many different textures to your end product with its fine, medium and coarse cutting blades. When not in use these can be easily stored away in...

    The Butchers Sundries Sausage making machine is perfect for home use and for making your own burgers, sausages, and mincemeat. 

    It sure is one of the best and cheaper ways to mince and grind your meat. The manufacturers give you a user-friendly guide with clear instructions. The unit comes equipped with a reverse function, which is a great help when you have to cope with jammed meats. 

    The coarse, medium and fine cutting blades are perfect for experimenting with different textures. You simply store the working parts right inside the handy built-in compartment when you are not using it. 


    • The machine minces quite well even with heavy chunks of meat.
    • Clean up is easy to achieve and is done manually.
    • The machine is very powerful.
    • Interchangeable grinding plates
    • Sausage making adapters make it easy to turn out breakfast sausages or chipolatas.


    • Can be a little noisy


    Duronic Electric Sausage Maker

    Duronic Meat Grinder MG301, Electric Meat Mincer Machine, Sausage Maker and Kibbeh Maker, Grinder Mixer for Food, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Kebabs at...
    • CUSTOMIZED MEAT MINCER: Choose between fine, medium, or coarse mincing discs to achieve the precise texture you desire when using the Duronic meat grinder. Create homemade sausages, kibbeh meat and...
    • CULINARY CREATIVITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The Duronic meat grinder machine offers 7 versatile attachments, including 3 mincer discs, 3 sausage makers, and a meatball maker, granting an extensive scope...
    • ROBUST MEAT GRINDER MOTOR: Power meets efficiency with the Duronic meat grinder's 1200W motor, capable of reaching 3000W when needed. This incredible motor effortlessly transforms even the toughest...

    Now you can make delicious sausages the way you like it by simply adding a few ingredients into the Duronic Sausage Maker. Making your own beef burger, lamb burger, mince, or sausage has never been easier. 

    Every meal you make will be just perfect with this powerful, easy to use sausage-making machine. The fine to coarse mincing discs lets you make your sausages within minutes. 

    The Duronic lets you experiment with three different sizes. Simply power your way through different cuts to turn it into freshly ground meat and fill your sausage skins the way you like it. 

    This sausage and beef burger making machine feature 3 x mincer discs, a meat pusher, kibbe maker attachment, and 3 x sausage makers. The hopper plate is excellent for pre-loading your machine either before or during grinding. 

    The advantage of mincing your own meat at home is that you end up using less fat and may add any seasoning according to your specific preference. This way, you can look forward to more flavourful and juicier sausages. 


    • Powerful helper in the kitchen as its equipped with a 1200W motor up to a 3000W motor to power through different meat groups
    • Very easy to operate due to the 3 button control panel that also includes a reverse function
    • You can make different kinds of mince as the machine comes with 3 mincing discs.
    • Homemakers can create thick Cumberland or thin Chipolatas as 3 sausage attachments are included


    • Not all working parts are dishwasher safe.
    • The operation can be a little noisy.


    Master Feng Homemade Sausage Stuffer

    MASTER FENG Homemade Sausage Stuffer, Horizontal Kitchen Aluminum Meat Sausage Maker with Suction Base Packed 4 Size Professional Filling Nozzles...
    386 Reviews
    MASTER FENG Homemade Sausage Stuffer, Horizontal Kitchen Aluminum Meat Sausage Maker with Suction Base Packed 4 Size Professional Filling Nozzles...
    • 【YOUR HEALTHY IS PRIORITY】---- Our Master Feng sausage stuffer is upgrated with a food safe silicone piston to ensure better sealing and healthy.
    • 【5 POUNDS CAPACITY & 4 DIFFERENT SIZES OF SAUSAGE TUBES】---- This machine has a capacity of 5 Pounds, and it comes with 4 sizes of sausage stuffing tubes Φ0.6'', Φ0.7'', Φ0.8''and Φ1.0'' and...
    • 【HORIZONTAL & SUCTION-BASE DESIGN】---- The solid base design to ensure the machine stable during sausage making. And the horizontal style is much more labor-saving.

    If you are on a budget, then the Master Feng is the best sausage stuffer for you. At only 10-inches long, it does not take up much space when placed on a kitchen counter

    The device features four different size nozzles at 14mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 25mm, letting you quickly fill different size sausages. 

    Do not clean this sausage stuffer in a dishwasher, rather wash it by hand. You can quickly push about 2 pounds of meat through the sausage stuffer at a time. Simply screw off the handle and refill using your preferred sausage mixture. 

    This sausage maker's solid base ensures stuffing your sausages is easy as the machine maintains its stability. You will find it effortless to operate and far less labour intensive due to the horizontal style. 


    • 5 pounds capacity
    • 4 sizes of sausage stuffing tubes
    • Experience easy cleaning using hot water 
    • Saves a lot of time
    • Hardly any waste and works great


    • Handle does not always stay tight when using it. 


    How to Choose the Right Sausage Stuffer Machine?

    Sausage stuffers are time-saving devices and very efficient. You need to be wise and do the necessary research before you choose one as it may increase your workload if you settle on the wrong sausage maker.

    Here are some features you need to consider:


    It also depends on what you have in mind when purchasing a sausage stuffer. You might be someone who uses a sausage stuffer less often, or you just love making as many as you possibly can in record time in which case you'll need a commercial stuffer. 

    Which is best? Electric or manual operation?

    Manual sausage stuffers will do just fine if you are more of a hands-on person and do not mind the manual labour involved. These are a lot smaller and compact than their electric counterparts. You may find some devices make up part of a larger meat grinder machine. 

    Electric sausage stuffers are way faster and more convenient to use. They are ideal for frequent use. Certain machines have a footswitch, so you do not need to bother your buddy to help you make sausages. 


    Be sure to opt for the right thickness or even better choose a sausage maker such as Master Feng where different size nozzles are made available. 

    Grinder function

    Not all stuffers have an in-built grinder. In cases like these, you may have to buy ground meat. The models that have in-built grinders are great for mincing vegetables, fruits, and meat. 

    The Importance of Speed

    Multi-speed machines are ideal for commercial purposes, whereas single-mode sausage makers are easy to work with. 

    Reverse Buttons

    Even if you are the most careful person in the world, you are sure to hit a roadblock once your stuffer jams. You need a sausage stuffer with a reverse button to release stuck meat. 

    What should you consider when you buy a sausage stuffer?

    When you choose a sausage maker, you may want to ponder over some of the points we talk about below:

    The type of sausage stuffers:

    1. Vertical ones are among the most popular types and are made available in manual and motorized models. The cylinder functions from the top down.
    2. Horizontal ones usually feature a much bigger cylinder that can easily hold meat that weighs from 5 to 20 pounds. The cylinder lies sideways, allowing the sausage to come through the one side and go out the other end.
    3. Horn stuffers are manually operated sausage makers and generally consist of cast iron or chrome materials to prevent it from corroding as time goes by. These staffers can easily hold up to 5 pounds of meat in a batch. 

    How Do You Use a Sausage Stuffer?

    Usually, the best way to see how something works is to see it in action. We have broken the steps down below to make things easier for you for future reference:

    • Wipe the machine down using a paper towel soaked with a good oil such as canola or vegetable oil. You will grease the interior of the tube, which will make the sausage-making procedure much more manageable. 
    •  Put the casing into the tube of the sausage maker. Be sure you have enough room on both sides so you can grab it. Make use of a hog ring or butcher twine to tie off the end of the casing.
    •  Poke a few holes towards the end of the sausage casing to release any trapped air. Be careful that you do not create any bubbles while you are at it. 
    •  You may need some help with the next step. Once you make sure the casing is safely in the stuffer tube, put some ground meat inside. Depending on whether you are using a manual or electric device, make use of the on/off switch or hand crank to control the speed of your stuffing. Your helper must handle the sausage to keep it level while it is stuffed with meat. 
    •  Once you reach the desired length for the sausage you're making, you can turn the stuffer off.
    •  From here you may safely pinch the endpoint of the casing and twist it a couple of times so it may link properly.
    •  Add more sausage links and twist as you go. Soon, you will get the hang of it and become a master sausage maker. 
    • Last but not least, be sure to clean the sausage stuffer properly before storing the unit. 

    Any of these sausage stuffers listed over here will be perfect for stuffing your favourite sausages. Some of the top models are very easy to clean and operate. 

    We wish you the best of luck in your journey to making the best homemade sausages. 

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    Written by Adam

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